Archive for June 30, 2012

Puppies are great!  They are still being sweet about my wounded hand…or maybe they’re unsure of the big, huge splint. 😉  I fed them inside today, since it’s so “stinking” hot!  They really enjoyed being able to eat in air-conditioned comfort.

I watered the plants this morning and then saw the hanging begonia this afternoon.  I took it off the tree to catch the sprinkler system for tomorrow…in case I forget to hang it back up.

As I mentioned in an e-mail, I took my husband tonight to meet Titan.  I will be having surgery on my wrist next Thursday in the middle of the day, of course.  I wanted Titan to be comfortable with someone else coming to let him out for the noon break.  I should be back that evening, with hubs driving me.  I don’t trust myself driving after an afternoon of anesthesia. 🙂

Beyond this information, Titan was just tickled to see me today.  He wasn’t too sure of my husband, but a few treats from his hand made him okay.  He’s easily persuaded.

I got in easily.  Cotton was on her perch a bit curious about me, but I sufficed enough for a few kitty rubs.  🙂