Archive for June 24, 2012

The puppies are doing great, but sadly I can’t take them on a walk for the rest of your trip.  Today I broke my wrist.  🙁  There is no way I could manage putting on harnesses and handling three retractable leads right now.  I could use slip leads, but I think Buddy would choke himself to death.  The other two would be fine.

Sorry for my accident, but I’m quite able to give lots of love.  🙂  I should be good in a few months.

I took my leashes tonight and it worked out great.  Ummm…not really.  My clips are for big dogs and Stella wasnt happy with the extra weight.  Can”t blame her.  I’ll have to find something more amenable for her.  We”ll be fine.  🙂

The kitties are doing great.  I am so proud of Momma with her bravery.  She is even paying laser tag!