Archive for June 21, 2012

Oreo just can’t understand why he can’t go in the backyard.  He was quite content with going for a walk though, as was Stella.  Hunni, or is it Bear, is now much more social than last time.  Good work with the little fur friends!

The fur kids were so happy to go on a little stroll this evening.  And yes, the orange harness works much better on Abe than the black one did last time.  Obviously I experience those “senior moments” and can’t remember which one goes on which dog.  The note was soooo helpful.  Thanks!


We had failure this morning with the injection.  It was storming and she hid out like a big scaredy cat.  She wasn’t coming out for anything.  Tonight, the storms are gone and she was her normal self again, so I was able to give her the shot easily.