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Oreo just can’t understand why he can’t go in the backyard.  He was quite content with going for a walk though, as was Stella.  Hunni, or is it Bear, is now much more social than last time.  Good work with the little fur friends!

The fur kids were so happy to go on a little stroll this evening.  And yes, the orange harness works much better on Abe than the black one did last time.  Obviously I experience those “senior moments” and can’t remember which one goes on which dog.  The note was soooo helpful.  Thanks!


We had failure this morning with the injection.  It was storming and she hid out like a big scaredy cat.  She wasn’t coming out for anything.  Tonight, the storms are gone and she was her normal self again, so I was able to give her the shot easily.

You were right! Mama K came right out to greet and rub up against me. Then she got shy on me. She kept staring at her food and I kept trying to cajole her to eat. Nope! She decided to wander off and go under the bed. Hmmmmm….okay then. Time to try to trick and treat. It worked. She came running when she heard the treat bag, which I put on her plate of food. She finally became absorbed into her eating and I was able to successfully give her the insulin. Score one for me!!! 🙂

A strange thing occurred today.  One of the pups peed in the house between the afternoon visit and the evening visit.  This has never happened before…to me anyway.  I’m not sure which one did it either.  It’s been cleaned up now, so all is good.

I almost forgot about taking a picture.  He wasn’t scared of the camera while eating.  🙂


Miss Chloe ate really well this morning, then we had a stand-off this evening….or stare-off, I should say.  She finally relented and dove into her food.  Maybe it was Canyon salivating over my shoulder that caused her to finally eat.  Hmmmm…..

Relaxing in the sun


The kids were fine, of course.  You’re not kidding about Chloe being finicky about eating right now.  She ate all her dry, but snubbed the rest until I picked up the bowl and put it in front of her.  Then she got more interested in it.  Canyon ate like a true retriever.  You wonder if he even tastes it.  🙂

The visit went fine. Morgan went into his safe place, while Buttercup and I went outside to play. After a while, we went back in for some water and medication. Morgan was still in his crate, looking at me suspiciously. So Buttercup and I went outside again for more play. Oh fun! This time I hear some paws coming through the kitchen and there he is. 🙂 He’s joined us in the backyard. After a bit of muffled barking, he has decided I might be okay. He spent most of his time close to me while in the yard. All it takes is patience on my part and I have a lot of it.