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Puppies are great!  They are still being sweet about my wounded hand…or maybe they’re unsure of the big, huge splint. 😉  I fed them inside today, since it’s so “stinking” hot!  They really enjoyed being able to eat in air-conditioned comfort.

I watered the plants this morning and then saw the hanging begonia this afternoon.  I took it off the tree to catch the sprinkler system for tomorrow…in case I forget to hang it back up.

As I mentioned in an e-mail, I took my husband tonight to meet Titan.  I will be having surgery on my wrist next Thursday in the middle of the day, of course.  I wanted Titan to be comfortable with someone else coming to let him out for the noon break.  I should be back that evening, with hubs driving me.  I don’t trust myself driving after an afternoon of anesthesia. 🙂

Beyond this information, Titan was just tickled to see me today.  He wasn’t too sure of my husband, but a few treats from his hand made him okay.  He’s easily persuaded.

I got in easily.  Cotton was on her perch a bit curious about me, but I sufficed enough for a few kitty rubs.  🙂

Love, love, love the new puppy cuts! 🙂  Its so much nicer to see eyes, I think.  They were happy to see me.  I greeted them with one arm high in the air while they were at their most exuberant.  Then I carefully allowed them to investigate my huge forearm splint.  They were so cautious and gentle with me after this.  Dogs can tell.  Tex even gently licked my fingers on my right hand.  So sweet.

The girls were good too.  No trying to gnaw on my fingernails.

FYI…I am able to pull the door and turn the key without my husbands help.  It will be a load off his mind to not have to be with me there for this.


I had to locate a different leash to use for Stella.  The big dog leash clip wasn’t working for her.  I found one and now she is much happier, since her head isn’t being weighed down.  When one is on pain medication, it’s challenging to think about every minute detail.  🙂  Now that this resolved, everything is going well with no problems.  I had my husband cut up a new orange for the littlest fur babies.  He cut them in quarter slices for some reason, but they don”t seem to mind.

The puppies are doing great, but sadly I can’t take them on a walk for the rest of your trip.  Today I broke my wrist.  🙁  There is no way I could manage putting on harnesses and handling three retractable leads right now.  I could use slip leads, but I think Buddy would choke himself to death.  The other two would be fine.

Sorry for my accident, but I’m quite able to give lots of love.  🙂  I should be good in a few months.

I took my leashes tonight and it worked out great.  Ummm…not really.  My clips are for big dogs and Stella wasnt happy with the extra weight.  Can”t blame her.  I’ll have to find something more amenable for her.  We”ll be fine.  🙂

The kitties are doing great.  I am so proud of Momma with her bravery.  She is even paying laser tag!

The puppies are doing good.  We’ve reserved our walk for the evening, since it takes me a little bit to get them harnessed and leashed up.  What a gorgeous night it was tonight!  Fortunately, there wasn’t too many people out and we had the trail mostly to ourselves.  This was good considering Buddy the sled dog would just bulldoze anyone in his way.  🙂

Yea!  Hunni and Bear made it into the title tonight.  They’re doing fine, of course.  They only received one orange slice tonight, since they seem to be hoarding them.

Stella and Orey are doing great as well.  They’re loving their short treks outside, but Orey still wants to go out to the back.  I hope it gets cleared up soon.