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The past two days have been great!  Let’s see….I almost set-off the alarm, but didn’t.  I de-activated it before the annoying alarm sounds.  Reba, somehow, snuck behind me and got into the kennel as I was feeding Blazer.  Kudos to Blazer for letting me know.  I “scooted” Reba out so Blazer could have some privacy during dinner.  The birds and rest are great though.  And your plants are still alive.  🙂  I had a fascinating time observing the crabs and how they drink water.  It was a coincidence that one was drinking while I checked in on their habitat.  What a learning experience.

Spidey’s still doing well.  She has remained perched on one of the houses in the habitat and hasn’t moved since.

What a gorgeous day today!  Abraham is now eating with gusto and not in his crate either.  Lucy is now quite curious about me.  And Buddy is just all buddied up.  🙂

Question if you’re reading this.  J was there this evening, so I was wondering if my three visits are supposed to be throughout the day?  And then he will take care of the evening time?  I couldn’t recall, but I thought I was going late evening as you weren’t sure of J’s schedule?  It doesn’t really matter as I think J is just fine letting me take care of them for the entire day.  🙂

Sorry no pic tonight.  I was hoping to get Lucy to pose, but she scooted off when I put the phone up to take a picture.


It was mister day for part of the day.  It has cooled off considerably though during the dusk/evening hours.  Spidey got some water today, but she was calm.  No scurrying around, which made it much easier for me.  😀

I got the birds to pose for me.

Puppies and rest are still doing great.  There was no mister turned on today as it looked like rain for the day.  It only sprinkled a tad and thundered a bit around 4 today though.  The temperature never got close to 80, so the dogs were comfortable.  They seemed very happy when I arrived both times.  The dominant Reba, tonight, thought Blazer was taking too long to respond to me.  I wanted him to move away from the gate, so she helped me out and chased him away.  Good girl, Reba!

The birds and fish are also well, and I did check on my favorite…Spidey.  She did move from the morning perch to the evening perch.  🙂

Pretty Boy Freddie!

Well, I met J this morning.  You’re right!  He is tall.  🙂  It wasn’t much of an introduction though.  He was in the kitchen and thrust a dog bowl towards me telling me he couldn’t get Abraham to eat his food.  I thought to myself, “and I’m supposed to to get him to eat?  I’ve only had two visits with him and we haven’t quite bonded yet.”  As a shock to me, I was able to get Abe to eat a little bit.  He has softened due to our leashing up and walking last night.  Yea!  He’ll only feed in his crate and at first only with me sitting there by the crate feeding him by hand.  All in all, Abe’s doing much better.  He’s now coming out of his crate to spend time with us all together and is letting me rub on him a bit.  Lucy’s helping his trust levels a lot!

Sorry no pic today.  I didn’t want to hinder the process we’ve achieved.

It is Lucy, correct?  I’ve left the paperwork there and won’t pick it up until the next to last visit, but I’ve forgotten the female’s name.  Embarrassed!  Anyway, the little one’s would not come out of there crate this morning.  Buddy had a blast outside though.  🙂  I was hoping they would follow in mere curiosity, but that didn’t happen.  This afternoon was a different story when I grabbed leashes.  Oh boy!  Interestingly enough, the only one to jump their harness was Abe. Fortunately, we were on a walk long enough for all to get their opportunity for potty….finally.  The little ones needed to go!

We're not coming out of here!!!

Everyone is doing well, including the “et al”.  I swear I turned on the mister for the pups today.  I even stood there and adjusted it prior to leaving, but tonight it was off.  Weird.

I have egg on my face.  Not literally, of course, but my day was so busy I kept assuming this was the final day.  I went a little earlier for the evening visit, thinking you were coming home later that evening, and did all the usual “end of sit” stuff.  At the end, I had the dogs outside one more time and started thinking (questioning?) my accuracy.  So I looked on my Blackberry calendar and realized I’m a doofas.  🙂  Soooo, the dogs got to see me a third time today.  They didn’t seem to mind too much.  Actually, they were ecstatic!  They’re still doing well, but it does appear Orey “hiked” on your sofa.  Why?  I have no idea.  I blotted as best possible, but may need some more spot cleaning later.  BAD Orey, BAD!

No, he’s not sassing me.  I just caught him as he’s chewing food.  😉

All is well.  Got your note about the front pots.  I checked them on the way in this morning and there was still some moisture in the soil.  I’ll check them again tomorrow morning, as that’s the best time to water.

Hupi’s back to her games with trying to sit on my lap. Then she’ll drop the ball in front of her, staring at it, just daring me to take it from her.  Oh the fun.

This pet sitter is very tired this evening, so time to sign out.  Sleep well everyone!

The family of ducks near the pond:

Hunni, or is it Bear, has become much braver now.  There’s no more scurrying to the hidey-hole and I think it’s because H or B knows I mean food….never bad things.  😉

Orey and Stella are still doing awesome.  Orey didn’t like being shuttled away while Stella was eating, but who would like someone just staring at them while doing so!  Bad manners Orey!  😀