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Hermie’s fine, but he seems a bit lonely.

Mable and Violet were extra sociable tonight.  Not so much this morning though.

Of course, Tex and Slash get most of the fan fare.  Bad news!  It’s Slash’s turn to not feel so great.  He, sometime during the night, became ill.  The illness came out….ummm….both ends.  It was spread throughout the crate and the back end onto the hardwood floors.  Kudos to you for having the insight of setting the back end of the crate to face the hardwoods.  Easier clean-up and saved the carpeted area.  Poor Slash though.  I detected the odor (super sensitive nose) right upon entry of the front door and Slash let me know immediately he wasn’t feeling well. I surprised myself by knowing which dog was sending the cry.  I know them very well now to delineate which is making the sounds.  🙂  Anyway, Slash is fine.  It appears he ingested too much rawhide bone, causing the tummy issues.  Crate, towel, and dog bed went outside this morning for a spray down from the hose.  The crate and towel was dry for this evening bed visit, but the towel will need to be laundered later.  The bed could stand a laundering too, but is workable for tonight.  Speaking of…Slash could probably stand a little bath when you return as well, but he managed to clean himself decently.  🙂



Little Mable and Violet are doing well.  Wow!  Violet’s really grown, hasn’t she?  I love how social she is…I just wish both wouldn’t be so enamored with my nails.  🙂  They seem to love to gnaw on them.

I didn’t read your note (my bad) before I took care of the hermit crab habitat.  I looked and looked for two crabs.  Then I read your note and realized I was looking for a ghost.  He-he.

The boys!!!  They’re doing great, of course.  Somewhere between the afternoon visit and tonight’s visit, Tex obviously decided to dig.  Where?  I have no idea.  It’s dark outside, so I’ll have to assess where and how much damage he’s done tomorrow.  I hope it’s not too bad, but he’s pretty dirty.  This afternoon I rescued a hair barrette near the pool.  Since we were still playing outside, I stuck it in my hair so not to forget taking it inside.  Well, I forgot.  I stopped by Southern Ag and the grocery store sporting this super cute barrette clipped on the side of my hair.  The barrette is now laying by the daily notes.