Archive for March 23, 2012

It was a great day.  I had a little clean-up to do, but am not quite sure when it all occurred.  It was easy cleaning though, so no harm done.  We loved, loved, loved spending time in the sun this afternoon!  I guess we all needed our vitamin D fix, since we’ve been a bit deficient of it lately.

Lulu posed so pretty for me!  🙂

I didn’t take any new pic’s today, but the babies are fine.  Still making messes inside the house.  Boo!  🙁  I’m fairly certain it’s Miss Neena though, as Cassius ran out the door tonight and hiked for a long time on your front bush.  Why out the front door, you ask?  Because he carried one of his toys outside and dropped it to investigate a delivered package.  I was attempting to make him pick up his toy before coming back inside, but the bushes were calling his name.  😉

So happy to go on a walk today, even though it was slow.  Hupi didn’t seem to mind.  Each mailbox needed to be investigated, you know.  Kitu managed to stay out of the way when I entered both times today.  🙂

YES!  Finally some nice sunshine!  How could not partake in a little bit of glowing warmth?  Ozzy and my little tootsies were loving it.  😀