Archive for March 22, 2012

Hupi was great tonight.  I almost tripped over Kitu when I arrived.  I didn’t expect her right at the door.  🙁  We’re all excited that the weather has finally cleared…with stars showing too!!!  Yea!  This means a walk tomorrow morning, albeit a slow walk due to an unconfirmed broken pinky toe on her dog walker.  I’m sure Hupi won’t mind.  Just means more sniffing time.  🙂

Infamous black dog photo.  Soooo difficult.

The day went well, sort of.  Lulu had a hard time getting the hang of me coming over at first, but she’s now come around.  Both pups are eating well.  Why wouldn’t Sassy with that bundle of energy she has.  Now if I can just get her to quit nipping my calves.  🙂

She went outside! Yea!!!!

Both have been good, with exception to a few indoor accidents.  When I come in and see their food bowl cleaned out and almost both water bowls, it’s time to start the clean-up.  I just know both those little bodies can’t take that much into their system without ridding of some of it.

They definitely both wish it would quit raining and it did tonight.  Yea!  But it was too late for a walk, so we just hung out for some fun.

Ozzy wasn’t a brat today, which was good.  My nose needed to recover.  😀  He actually played a lot more today and came around me much more for good petting.