Archive for March 21, 2012

I guess it’s been a little while for Neena.  She was a tad shy upon my first visit.  So much that she actually did a little nervous piddle before I could get her outside.  She’s fine now and it’s just old times with us.  We’re hoping for better weather so we might be able to go on a walk.

Well, you already know it was storming when I arrived and it stormed almost the entire time.  It made it quite difficult go get the furkids outside.  They both did come outside with me a little bit, once the rain went to a drizzle.  Neither cared to stay outside too long, not that I disagreed one bit!

Interesting fish name, but it works.

Ozzy’s been quite clingy upon my arrival, especially today.  I’m not sure why today was any different.  He was a little playful today, but mostly just wanted to rub all over me.  He even did a final rub and then smacked me on my glasses with his paw.  He shot upstairs after this and I had to rub poor achy nose.  🙂