Archive for March 17, 2012

Katie was a very good girl for me.  She didn’t bark at me at any time I entered the house.  She went right outside for me and did her business.  🙂

The furbabies were good for me today.  Chloe did get one piece of mail before I arrived.  She didn’t demolish it too much and it was just an advertisement anyway.

I had quite a surprise tonight!  Ummm…eeek!  Okay, I really wasn’t scared of it, since I took several photos of it.  Besides, it was only about a foot long and very small in circumference.  The puppies paid it no attention at all.

The girls have been great, except…..

They got a hold of the Kitty Greenies bag (Eveylyn!)  They (Eveylyn!) did manage to help themselves to some of the contents.  I’ve placed the bag in the cupboard, as if that will deter her….I mean them.  🙂