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The boys were quite rambunctious each visit.  Other than paying a lot of attention to the girls, MG and Violet, they are sparring over the one rawhide bone.  It’s not as if there isn’t another bone.  Nooooo, we want the one the other has.  Tex finally gave it up tonight and then wandered downstairs, unbeknownst to me.  I then started to hear a clatter.  This is when I realized he was downstairs ringing the bell to go outside.  Geez!  Maybe I fell asleep for a minute as I am super tired.

It was old times with the three of us.  Tails and puppy kisses were rampant.  The weather was so beautiful for the mid-day, so we just basked in the sun outside.  Well, Orey did a fence run at the tri-corner with the neighbor dogs.  He had such a good time, he wore himself into an incredible thirst.  He did hold it for me until I returned this evening.  Yea!

Forgot to snap a photo today.  Sorry about this.

Guess what?!!???!!!!  I got a glimpse of Momma today…………….and then she was gone.  🙂  I don’t know where she went.  Obviously, her very secret spot in the bedroom.

Sonja's resting well. 🙂