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The day went well, sort of.  Lulu had a hard time getting the hang of me coming over at first, but she’s now come around.  Both pups are eating well.  Why wouldn’t Sassy with that bundle of energy she has.  Now if I can just get her to quit nipping my calves.  🙂

She went outside! Yea!!!!

Both have been good, with exception to a few indoor accidents.  When I come in and see their food bowl cleaned out and almost both water bowls, it’s time to start the clean-up.  I just know both those little bodies can’t take that much into their system without ridding of some of it.

They definitely both wish it would quit raining and it did tonight.  Yea!  But it was too late for a walk, so we just hung out for some fun.

Ozzy wasn’t a brat today, which was good.  My nose needed to recover.  😀  He actually played a lot more today and came around me much more for good petting.

I guess it’s been a little while for Neena.  She was a tad shy upon my first visit.  So much that she actually did a little nervous piddle before I could get her outside.  She’s fine now and it’s just old times with us.  We’re hoping for better weather so we might be able to go on a walk.

Well, you already know it was storming when I arrived and it stormed almost the entire time.  It made it quite difficult go get the furkids outside.  They both did come outside with me a little bit, once the rain went to a drizzle.  Neither cared to stay outside too long, not that I disagreed one bit!

Interesting fish name, but it works.

Ozzy’s been quite clingy upon my arrival, especially today.  I’m not sure why today was any different.  He was a little playful today, but mostly just wanted to rub all over me.  He even did a final rub and then smacked me on my glasses with his paw.  He shot upstairs after this and I had to rub poor achy nose.  🙂


Katie was a very good girl for me.  She didn’t bark at me at any time I entered the house.  She went right outside for me and did her business.  🙂

The furbabies were good for me today.  Chloe did get one piece of mail before I arrived.  She didn’t demolish it too much and it was just an advertisement anyway.

I had quite a surprise tonight!  Ummm…eeek!  Okay, I really wasn’t scared of it, since I took several photos of it.  Besides, it was only about a foot long and very small in circumference.  The puppies paid it no attention at all.

The girls have been great, except…..

They got a hold of the Kitty Greenies bag (Eveylyn!)  They (Eveylyn!) did manage to help themselves to some of the contents.  I’ve placed the bag in the cupboard, as if that will deter her….I mean them.  🙂

Shiner met me at the door.  Well, I could hear him anyway, but couldn’t see him.  I had to fumble a bit for some light as I didn’t want to step on him.  🙂  I didn’t.  He was very good for me and did his business quickly.