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The girls were great for me.  Well, Sassy did run from me in the yard.  I was trying to remove some fur that was ready to come off of her.  I guess that’s why she’s named Sassy.

Had to post of pic of the happy warm weather grass roll.  Atta’ girl Zoe!

OH MY GOSH!  The boys were about beyond themselves with excitement tonight.  I didn’t think I was ever going to get them calm enough for bed.  Slash finally settled down, but Tex was a jumping fool.  I got the scratch marks to prove it.  🙂  Love, love, love their summer cuts.

The girls hadn’t eaten much of their food and I’m assuming they got fed before you left.  Their bowl was really full, so I didn’t see any point in putting any additional food into it.  I did sneak them a few treats tonight though.  Shhhh…don’t tell. bone!

The day went great…at your place anyway.  Not so swell at mine.

The boys were great all day.  They didn’t stay out too much this afternoon as it got pretty warm.  I know they can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  It was Cosmo’s turn for a picture, but I forgot.  🙁

Recap of our day:

A.M.  Post-breakfast, Pete went ballistic on Cosmo…only because he barked….once.  This caused Pete to rush back inside, where Cosmo was, and corner poor Cosmo under the breakfast table.  Cosmo, of course, was doing his usual crying.  “Someone save me!”  Good show Pete.  Scare the non-aggressive dog.

Noon.  It went fine.  Boys were fine and the weather awesome.

Dinner.  Rudy’s turn this time.  He got mad at me and leaped up to nip me on the belly.  For an old guy, he can sure jump.  I kind of deserved it as I was attempting to work with his barging out of the crate.  I did give him a little verbal scolding, but he was already rushing down the stairs.  His anger was short-lived though, when he realized I am the one to feed him.  No harm done on the belly.  It was more of a teeth grab on the shirt.  If he was trying to scare me, he needs to get a lot tougher than that!  🙂

Bed-time.  All puppies happy and no hard feelings between them or them and me.  😀

The boys were good.  I don’t think they really understand they get me for 30+ minutes though.  They tend to keep going inside around 15 minutes or so, but I know they think they’re getting a treat.  🙂

It was a great day.  I had a little clean-up to do, but am not quite sure when it all occurred.  It was easy cleaning though, so no harm done.  We loved, loved, loved spending time in the sun this afternoon!  I guess we all needed our vitamin D fix, since we’ve been a bit deficient of it lately.

Lulu posed so pretty for me!  🙂

I didn’t take any new pic’s today, but the babies are fine.  Still making messes inside the house.  Boo!  🙁  I’m fairly certain it’s Miss Neena though, as Cassius ran out the door tonight and hiked for a long time on your front bush.  Why out the front door, you ask?  Because he carried one of his toys outside and dropped it to investigate a delivered package.  I was attempting to make him pick up his toy before coming back inside, but the bushes were calling his name.  😉

So happy to go on a walk today, even though it was slow.  Hupi didn’t seem to mind.  Each mailbox needed to be investigated, you know.  Kitu managed to stay out of the way when I entered both times today.  🙂

YES!  Finally some nice sunshine!  How could not partake in a little bit of glowing warmth?  Ozzy and my little tootsies were loving it.  😀

Hupi was great tonight.  I almost tripped over Kitu when I arrived.  I didn’t expect her right at the door.  🙁  We’re all excited that the weather has finally cleared…with stars showing too!!!  Yea!  This means a walk tomorrow morning, albeit a slow walk due to an unconfirmed broken pinky toe on her dog walker.  I’m sure Hupi won’t mind.  Just means more sniffing time.  🙂

Infamous black dog photo.  Soooo difficult.