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Today went smoothly.  The house cleaners came and picked up all the grass from the floors, only to have Slash drag in the outdoors again.  It’s seems to be a trend with all the grass-rolling pups out there.  I can’t wait for the grass to grow!

Sonja was a lot more loving today.  Of course she spotted me attempting to take her picture.  To her, that meant “let me come and disrupt your shot by rubbing all over your phone.”  😀

Tex has been quite normal all day, so he’s no longer under my watchful eye.  I did move some things from the top of his crate, just in case he got hungry during the night.  😉  The rest are fine.  The boys have been having quite a good time with Violet and Mable Grace.  I’m not sure the girls have been enjoying them though.

Puppy play time!!!!!

My, my!  Eveylyn was quite clingy today….even more so than yesterday.  She kept rubbing her face on the knives.  Fortunately, they’re all tucked nicely into the block.  🙂  Sonja came for a little loving and then she was done.  Naturally, no sign of Momma.

She's a photo ham! 😉

Tex had me very concerned this morning.  Yesterday, he was his normal self, but not so this am.  He was very clingy and no jumping whatsoever.  He definitely wasn’t feeling well.  I remembered seeing something in his crate, so I went back inside to take another look.  It looked like a partially chewed rawhide, but I discovered it was actually a very wet kid’s sock.  I wondered what he was doing with it…gnawing on it all night?  Slobbering all over it?  This just didn’t set well with me as his personality was so subdued.  I decided to wait until the afternoon to see how he was during this next visit.  He was acting all normal again, but I was still curious about why he appeared so ill this morning.  I investigate the yard…you know, the dog droppings?  Sure enough, I spot a….ummmm….secretion that had something additional in it.  It looked like the other sock!  Well, at least he passed it and didn’t get wrapped inside on an intestine.  That could’ve been quite costly.  Sheesh! Anyway, he was his typical self this evening, so I’m crossing my fingers he’s done with whatever he ingested.  Yikes!

FYI….the two socks are now discarded.  I’m assuming you didn’t want them back.  😀

You were right.  I haven’t seen Momma at all, but the other two are all over me the second I walk in the door.  Sonja quits after a while, but the clingy one follows me everywhere.  🙂  You know which I’m talking about.

They won't stand still for a photo!

It was a good day for Shiner.  He got a visit from Grandma, even though we didn’t run into each other.  I figured it out quickly, since the mail was brought inside and I didn’t do it!  He also got to play in the living room with me and get lots of chin rubs and perform lots of puppy kisses on me.  For me…well…it was a not so good day.  The playing on the living room floor wasn’t too smart as I now have little rug fibers imbedded in my running/yoga pants.  Ouch!

It was a good day for us.  Shiner didn’t even back off when I petted him today.  Okay, I did sneak the petting in with using my other hand as a distraction.  Whatever works, right?  🙂

Quick final post to share a little bit of information. Hupi may need a quick bath upon your return. During Saturday night, she rubbed herself in some poop. It was nicely dried on her neck and chin, complete with stuck grass. Ewww! I’ve been cleaning this area for the past several visits, but if you detect a slight odor, that’s what it is. I’m fairly certain she wishes I would leave her alone by now. 🙂 She’s been very tolerant though.

We were able to complete our walk this morning in the nick of time.  It started raining just as we entered the driveway, however, it only rained sporadically most of the day.  Kitu kept trying to go on the walk with us, but I didn’t think she could keep pace.  🙂

Could have been a great shot if I had the settings right!