Archive for January 28, 2012

It didn’t get nearly as warm today, but at least it was sunny for some great sunbathing….if you’re a dog.  🙂  The kids are doing great and Miss Chloe has been an angel.  No report of any more dead bugs.  Yea!

Our last visit tonight included my husband, but as usual, he stayed in the car.  We had gone out to eat dinner and it was on the way home.  The dogs and I walk over to the fence and SHE spots my husband sitting in the car.  I’m sure you know she was not going to allow him to ignore her and she starts her pacing with incessant whining.  So, I tell him to get out of the car and come greet her so her feelings won’t get hurt.  😉  Canyon, of course, came over to see what all the commotion was about and both dogs got some good petting from my husband.  Not as good as being able to jump into his lap, but neither dog was slighted from his attention.

Look at me!!!!!!!!