Archive for January 25, 2012

The furkids were quite happy to see me.  They were oh so good too.  No messes in the house at all and did all their business outside.  They certainly didn’t care to stay outside too long as it was rather chilly today.  I’ll put their sweaters on if it stays cold.  Poor Neena was shivering.

The weather for our walk yesterday was GORGEOUS!  Today’s weather wasn’t as good…cloudy and rather chilly.  My gosh!  Porter has gotten soooo big, hasn’t he?  He’s such a happy boy too!  He wanted to greet everyone during our walk and there was quite a few people out, even for a weekday.

Tonight’s dinner was rather uneventful.  He was more curious about the smells on my coat than he was eating.  I ended up placing the food bowl with the remainder of his food in the laundry room with him.  He’ll probably eat when there’s not a person around to give him attention, right?