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It didn’t get nearly as warm today, but at least it was sunny for some great sunbathing….if you’re a dog.  🙂  The kids are doing great and Miss Chloe has been an angel.  No report of any more dead bugs.  Yea!

Our last visit tonight included my husband, but as usual, he stayed in the car.  We had gone out to eat dinner and it was on the way home.  The dogs and I walk over to the fence and SHE spots my husband sitting in the car.  I’m sure you know she was not going to allow him to ignore her and she starts her pacing with incessant whining.  So, I tell him to get out of the car and come greet her so her feelings won’t get hurt.  😉  Canyon, of course, came over to see what all the commotion was about and both dogs got some good petting from my husband.  Not as good as being able to jump into his lap, but neither dog was slighted from his attention.

Look at me!!!!!!!!


The furkids were great today.  I must have just missed you by about 30 minutes for the first visit.  I kept wondering why they didn’t seem to be doing any business outside.  😉  They did enjoy the dwindling nice weather though, but it was breezy and chilly tonight.  Canyon had no desire to remain outside for long and neither did I.  Chloe wanted to stay outside longer so I just bundled up and took the chill.

No signs of any rogue wasps, but I did find a dead cricket near the front door.  Cricket has been safely discarded.

Puppy play time!!!

Unfortunately, they had an accident in the house yesterday morning and evening.  BUT, they’ve had none today.  It seems if I keep their visits on a later rotation for am and pm they do better.  You would think by now I would have noticed this trend.  Now watch them prove me wrong tomorrow.  🙂

The furkids were quite happy to see me.  They were oh so good too.  No messes in the house at all and did all their business outside.  They certainly didn’t care to stay outside too long as it was rather chilly today.  I’ll put their sweaters on if it stays cold.  Poor Neena was shivering.

The weather for our walk yesterday was GORGEOUS!  Today’s weather wasn’t as good…cloudy and rather chilly.  My gosh!  Porter has gotten soooo big, hasn’t he?  He’s such a happy boy too!  He wanted to greet everyone during our walk and there was quite a few people out, even for a weekday.

Tonight’s dinner was rather uneventful.  He was more curious about the smells on my coat than he was eating.  I ended up placing the food bowl with the remainder of his food in the laundry room with him.  He’ll probably eat when there’s not a person around to give him attention, right?


The little ones are doing so well. Their appetite has been awesome…the best ever, since watching them. It was so cold today and Stella was just a frozen pup, so she was let back in immediately after doing her business.

Sorry there’s no picture. I’m posting from my phone and any picture posted from here is huge! Manual edit of photo size, which I can do, would mean weirdly shaped pups. 🙁 I still haven’t found a good way to make it work wellm

We had a nice time today, but they didn’t eat all their wet food from the morning.  Stella did finish it off tonight.  It’s still a little chilly to walk.  Well, Stella thinks so anyway.  She just shivers while outside.  I spend more time enveloping her in my arms than she spends time wandering around outside.  Orey is a little cold until some neighbor dogs reminds him that he has barking business to do.  🙂


The two visits went well.  I’m always a little unsure about how Oreo is going to react, but Stella has become very consistent.  She rolls over on her back on the sofa, tucks her legs, and thumps her tail.  🙂  Actually, Orey is pretty consistent too.  He’s unsure on the first visit, but warms up by the second one.  At some point, I’m sure he’ll be comfortable with me on the first visit as well.

Happy to report both dogs ate their evening meal and Stella was munching dry kibble when I left.  Now we just wait for a little warmer weather so we can go for a walk.  🙂  I’m sincerely hoping Friday’s weather report will prove true…possible high of 54!  Then we’re back to cold again…boo!