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There’s really not much to say.  They’ve been super good!  😀  Except…a picture can tell you a thousand words…

The furkids had some fun during my absence.

Sorry I missed the Christmas day posting.  🙁  Sometimes it’s tough around the actual holiday trying to reconcile working and family obligations, so sometimes the obligation with the least impact gets discarded.  In other words, my sleep took precedence after the day’s blitz!  🙂  One day of missed blogging did not seem that important!

Anyway, we’re in such a great routine now.  They are so excited to see me, so we’ve definitely bonded.  Dogs do this so easily….most of the time.  There are a few breeds that take longer, but terriers are typically pretty quick.  The walks have been great with no further disruptions.  Night visits have been the same: play and then settling to watch Piers Morgan.  Side note: I rarely watch TV, so this is a bit out of my realm.  It’s not for the pups though.  Sadie settles on top of me and Astor lays right beside me.  As I said, we’re in a routine.

Astor says Merry Christmas!

Terrible pic of him, but he wasn’t too into the Christmas bell scarf.  Fortunately, I only left it on long enough to snap the pic.  🙂

Again, you’ve gotten the status update by text and phone.  Hmmmm….what will we do for the future?

Trigger says Merry Christmas!

Ozzy is doing great!  He didn’t play much, but did demand his loving.


Happy Holidays!  The pups are doing just great, but Belle hasn’t quite had the best appetite.  I’m wondering if she’s not such a fan of the lamb as that seems to be what I’ve been using the past few days.  I pulled out the chicken tonight, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.  The other two can eat the house!  😀

Bleu says Merry Christmas!


The walk was a bit interesting this morning.  There was a bit more doggy traffic, as everyone had today off.  This tended to keep the two in quite a tizzy.  I was having a bit of a challenge juggling both of them in their tizzy, along with a used poopy bag.  Their tizzy finally erupted into the two of them going after each other.  Hold it!!!!  Poopy bag was immediately dropped on the ground and one stern-voiced dog walker was on hand…me!  We recollected ourselves and finished our walk.  Unleashed them inside where they went into a crazy tizzy of running from window to window.  They didn’t go crazy on each other during this, so I just let them go as long as they weren’t destroying the house.  🙂

They must have wore themselves out today, because there wasn’t much play tonight.  Both curled up with me, Sadie on top of me and Astor on the side, to watch Piers Morgan.  It was interesting for to attempt to take a photo.

Sadie all curled up on top of me.

Why, oh why do I continue to forget to take photos of your crew?  I guess because I have to tend to them separately.  I don’t know.

Anyway, they are doing just fine.  Belle didn’t eat too much today, but I’m sure her appetite will pick back up when she’s ready.  Bleu and Idgy are eating well and have just been perfect.

Hmmm…well, you’ve already gotten part of the story.  The rest is they were fine tonight.  I did have to keep encouraging Buford to eat.  As promised, here are the pic’s.  I hope you and yours get good giggles out of it.  I had already cleaned up the stuffing this morning, so no picture’s of that.

Picked up off the floor.

Oh my! The zipper was completely torn off and is now laying on the coffee table.

Hoping a few of these each night will help curb their chewing on inappropriate items.

Hmmm…well, Ozzy ate all his dry food and not all his wet food.  I’m wondering if this is his “new normal?”  He was truly only interested in companionship during today’s visit.  Any eating could wait.  🙂

I’m sure you’re expecting to come here and hear a report about something they’ve done bad, but sorry.  They’ve been angels.  I did come to the realization that our husbands are very similar.  Mine, too, stresses about the dogs anytime we decide to leave town.  🙂  Hmmmm….

He can relax now.  😀

The abandoned pull-toy looking for puppy fun.