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I’m happy to report that Gus went into the crate a little easier tonight.  I still had to use the leash though.  The other two just go right in….hehe….Daytona will go into any crate.  She was playing musical crates for me tonight.  🙂

Beasley was a happy girl tonight.  We had to do the whole play thing of where I feed her kibble by hand.  It’s the only way I’ve found to get her attention to the remaining food in the bowl.  So funny.

Titan’s just happy as ever.  I truly believe he’s so glad my back is better, so he got to go on a walk!  The back is better, by the way.  It’s only sore now and grateful the spasms have stopped.

That was a nice surprise tonight at the gate!  I’m glad we got it resolved.  Tex and Slash were very glad too.  They’d been out all day and were really seeking some human companionship.  I didn’t check to see how well they ate from the afternoon though.  I’ll grab their bowls in the morning to see.  Beautiful day though…as exhibited by Slash lounging in the patio chair.

The pups are good.  Cricket thought she wanted some people attention and came into the back yard….until the pups saw her.  She shot like a rocket to get away.  She was only hungry so I went to let her in the garage.  🙂

It took a few minutes for the dogs to remember me, but it wasn’t long.  Gus and Rosie were the first to really check me out, then Daytona had to get into the mix.  🙂  Gus really doesn’t like his crate too well, does he?  I had to get a leash out to put him in the crate tonight and am hoping he’s okay.

plus the hermit crabs.  All was good today.  The boys actually ate pretty well.  The weather was beautiful, so it was a good call leaving them outside for the afternoon.

I’m sorry to say Titan did not get to take any walk today.  Somehow, I miraculously hurt my back.  Okay, there’s nothing miraculous about it.  I’m a klutz and fell into the arm of my office chair.  🙂  Now my back has been in constant spasms the entire day.  I’m hoping it will settle down tomorrow, then Titan and I can return to status quo.  Crossing fingers….

Boy!  Was Titan ever excited to see me…or maybe just someone?  😉  He was a good boy, even though I didn’t take him on a walk.  It was dark and the weather was nice, which can drag out unknown people.  But hey!  We’ll go on two walks tomorrow.  🙂

Hey! I'm blurry!

The furkids are doing awesome.  Well, Neena did have a bit of runny #2 this morning, but she appears to have cleared up.  I think it was from the one particular treat you have in the pantry.  She did go outside though!  🙂  The weather has been awesome, so we did a little trek through the neighborhood this morning.  They loved it!

Thank you for the birth announcement.  I showed the picture to my husband and he agreed with my assessment…beautiful baby.  😀