Archive for October 20, 2011

The girls were sort of good.  They both did have quite a row with the neighbor dogs at the fence line this morning and at noon.  It’s the rare opportunity to hear Kiska bark.  🙂

Beasley was good today…sort of.  She did get into it with the neighbor dog at the fence.  Comparing barks, I would say she lost.  😉  She doesn’t sound very ominous.  On a happy note, your paper was nice and dry this morning.


Glad we got the thing resolved.  So sorry about that.  It was an afterthought when I pulled up and realized I should have asked about it earlier.  Anyway, the pups were fine and acting nutty as usual.  🙂  At night, I always bring them inside first thing and we all go together to care for the rest of the brood upstairs.  We then sat on the upstairs sofa, where Slash was happily chewing a rawhide roll.  Tex was just acting goofy during this time as well.  He’s such a happy dog and wants to be glued to the person around.

The furkids were fine.  Both happily accepted lots of petting tonight.  I tried to get Hupi a little interested in ball play, but she was only interested in her walk.  Typical!