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I doubt there will be any posts tonight about visits.  I started my rounds this evening and by house #2, I was rushing.  Believe it or not, we have a major storm just blow in.  It is complete with hail and torrential downpours, which means road flooding.  I’m now waiting it out before going back out to finish evening rounds.  My return will be late and I’ll be ready for bed…as opposed to writing a post.  🙁

The day was gorgeous and the dogs LOVED it.  It meant lots of grass rolls and just hanging out in the nice warm sun.  It also meant I had to de-grass Kiska quite often.  There was no “fence bashing” today as the neighbor dogs weren’t out when we were.  Yea!

One note, which I also made in writing, is if anyone mentions they saw a gray headed, long-haired guy going into your yard, please don’t worry.  It was only my husband.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I left my purse laying on your outdoor patio table.  By the time I noticed this, I was deep south for several hours with other pets.  Needless to say, neither one of us was comfortable with my purse, credit cards and cash all in it, just laying there for the taking.  I quickly discovered it missing and called him, so he graciously…or nervously…drove over to retrieve it.  He did ask whether he might get shot entering someone’s yard, but I said I didn’t think so.  😀

Our visits went well.  Just so you know, the front door thing is out for me.  I couldn’t get it to work, even though we practiced opening it together.  Sooooo, the back door works great!  😀

Harry is my best bud.  He’s just my sidekick wherever I go.  I spent one visit exploring your back yard and love, love, love it.  I even traveled your walkway through the bushes, only to get hit with water from the house behind.  Ummm…yeah, they are having their roof power-washed and I happened to walk through there at the wrong time.  I also saw a few items from the roof “power-washed” into your yard.

I promise a pic tomorrow!

Beasley is just an easy going girl, isn’t she?  The weather today was awesome and we really enjoyed our time outdoors.  She’s funny though.  She continues to think you just might be home, so she’ll occasionally run to the back door and bark for you.  After a bit of this, she finally realizes no one is going to answer so she’ll run back to me again…all wiggly.  🙂

The day was beautiful and the pups had a great time in the yard…mostly jumping on me.  Neither pup again ate all their dry kibble, which I left outside for them during the afternoon visit.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t Slash’s bowl back inside.  The ants decided to begin nibbling on it.  You certainly don’t want those pesky things inside.  I’ll bag it up tomorrow when I can see in the daylight and will place his next bowl in a different location.  The other bowl of food was fine, so I brought it in.

The day was gorgeous and we loved our time outdoors!  Just so you know, Hupi did play a little ball with me today.  She’s rather comical about it with catching the ball and upon return will turn her behind to me (I was sitting).   Then she scratches her hind legs on the ground as if to tell me she’s superior.  Nice dominance play Hupi!  Sorry to say it doesn’t work with me.  🙂

Sorry no pictures today…of anyone!

The girls were sort of good.  They both did have quite a row with the neighbor dogs at the fence line this morning and at noon.  It’s the rare opportunity to hear Kiska bark.  🙂

Beasley was good today…sort of.  She did get into it with the neighbor dog at the fence.  Comparing barks, I would say she lost.  😉  She doesn’t sound very ominous.  On a happy note, your paper was nice and dry this morning.


Glad we got the thing resolved.  So sorry about that.  It was an afterthought when I pulled up and realized I should have asked about it earlier.  Anyway, the pups were fine and acting nutty as usual.  🙂  At night, I always bring them inside first thing and we all go together to care for the rest of the brood upstairs.  We then sat on the upstairs sofa, where Slash was happily chewing a rawhide roll.  Tex was just acting goofy during this time as well.  He’s such a happy dog and wants to be glued to the person around.

The furkids were fine.  Both happily accepted lots of petting tonight.  I tried to get Hupi a little interested in ball play, but she was only interested in her walk.  Typical!