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Pete had emergency gall bladder surgery on Monday.  I, the owners, and his two canine brothers are all missing him terribly.

Get well soon Pete!!!  We need you back to play with all of us again!

Canyon seems to be doing a little better with his…uhhhh…little problem.  He made a little mess of it this morning though.  Good thing it’s not cold yet, as I had to wash his…uhhh…back area off with the hose.  No way was he going to get to come back in the house in the state he was in.  🙁  He stood there like a champ for me though.  What a good boy!

Chloe was a little feisty tonight.  She wouldn’t eat and then indicated she wanted to go back outside.  So, we all went back out.  After some frog chasing, she then indicated to go back in.  THEN she started hunting for her bowl, so I waited until she was done eating to take them all back outside again.  I think I’m a little confused over “who’s in charge!”  Chloe has no confusion about it.  😉

Sunbathing pups, with exception to the fact I cropped off Canyon’s head.  Drats!

For my first visit, Lola came right out to see me.  We petted for a little bit and then I topped off her food.  I noticed she had a little furball hanging from her neck area.  She didn’t like me removing it and was done with me after I did so!  Since she was done with me, she decided some solo play was in order while I finished everything else.  Typical kitty!  😉

I was a little nervous today that I wasn’t going to see either kitty, so I went on a kitty prowl.  You have so many nooks and crannies, I gave up my search.  Wouldn’t you know it!  Ditto came running when he heard the refrigerator door open.  🙂  He knows!!!

The fish are good too!

Oh what fun we had today.  Chloe has outfoxed your baby gate idea and has found her way to the upstairs.  😉  No damage done though, but she did do some interior decorating with the pillows on the sofa.  I’m sure you expected this.  It is much easier to get Canyon outside with Chloe around.  Isn’t it neat how one dog’s confidence expands to the next dog?  He had huge issues with the wood flooring when he was alone, but not with her around!  He just jumps right along with her.  It’s like he’s a different dog.

Ditto came out to see me yesterday, but not today.  I think the big, bad vacuum cleaner kept him hidden in his safe place.  🙂  So far, I haven’t seen Freddie at all.

We’re all just doing great.  I’ve got scratch marks on my legs from Bleu’s constant, excited assault, but that’s okay.  She’s a happy girl.  Belle’s been doing great with taking her medication and even doing some of her business outside.  I do wish she would find the potty pad more frequently when she needs to do #2 though.  🙁  Idgy is just her usual self.  Noisy!!!  🙂

I gotta’ get a pic of these kids.

This morning was fun.  All the neighbor dogs were out so Orey started a barkfest with them all.  While he was intrigued, he was really very good about it.  The little yappy one directly behind you was VERY annoying though.  What’s he barking at?  The grass blowing?  😀  Tonight was much quieter and the pups were ready for a walk.  Yea!

  Okay, crummy picture, but I can’t seem to hold either dog’s attention long enough.

The little ones are doing great.  Both were little wigglers when they first saw me and were happy to go outside.  We’ve all just made my job much easier.  🙂  Hmmm…I haven’t worked too hard at getting a good photo of one or the other, but I have several more days of attempting.

The past few days have been good….a little chilly in the morning, but still turning out gorgeous the rest of the day.  If it would just stay about 85 year round, I would be quite happy.  The boys have loved the cooler temps though.

Pete’s been acting up a bit with the other boys, but is quick to back off when asked.  He’s also been playing with his big ball and the frisbee some.  Cosmo hasn’t destroyed any other catalogs, but did salivate a bit when I brought in the huge Restoration Hardware catalog from today’s mail inside.  Unfortunately for him, it’s out of his reach.  Rudy’s been…well, normal.  Vocal at meal times, as you very well know.  He still dines “al fresco” as it’s just easier for all of us.  He seems fine with it and just stares in at the back door (quietly!) when he’s done.  He knows he gets to come back in when the other two are done.

So, the boys are having a grand time!  🙂