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Okay, so I forgot my reading glasses tonight.  That was not smart, since I had to get the entry number off my phone.  Geez…what is that number?  I got it right.  Whew!

The girls were quite good and enjoyed their time together outside.

The furkids were great for each visit.  I never took a picture of them though.  🙁  Belle did her usual run straight to the back door again and then I think the heat messed with my brain.  I never took her out of her pen between the two visits.  Oops!  At least she was comfy.

Hmmm…I think we may run out of gerbil/mice food.  The little white one is quite sloppy, yes?  Had to keep it from escaping when I was attempting to put the food tray back in, but I think it was just eager for the food…to slop it out again!  Hunter freaked out again this afternoon.  There’s a demo project going on next door and I thought he was going to rip the door down to get back inside.  Huge back hoe’s crashing on the house is not a good scenario for him.   🙁

I saw each of them today, including Scatter during the last visit.  Obviously, the dogs weren’t bashful and were very easy to find.  🙂  We had no problems during each of our visits, but there is a slight storm brewing to the west.  Hunter didn’t care to stay outside, but I was more concerned with making sure Trevor did his business.  All is good!

Had a great storm come through, which dropped the temps dramatically. Sadly, it knocked out my cable and internet at home. I could take a pic of one of the furkids and put it in this post, but the pic would end up ginormous (blogging from my phone). The only way to fix it is to edit the pixels and sometimes things become too much trouble. 🙂

Anyway all the furbabies were good and this includes Iris. 😉 She’s sassing me right now.

Ummm…okay…I completely retract my prior statements about being a heat lover.  Although it is better than freezing my kiester off, but still!

Because of the heat, sadly, there have been no walks.  Even in the a.m., it’s already HOT!  The pups have been good sports about it all.  Orey is happily going outside for me and I have to carry Stella out to join us.  Also, due to the heat, I’ve noticed they are just not eating as much food.  Go figure!  Neither am I.  Anyway, Orey’s been having a great time outside.  I have no idea what critter he was chasing under the house this morning, but he was obsessed about it.  By the time we came back in, he looked like a crazed boy.  🙂  He never did catch what he was after though.

Here’s his evening fascination with the boxer next door.  The boxer had already left after Orey went into a barking frenzy at him/her.  He stood there the entire time waiting for the dog to return!  OCD!!!  😉

Wouldn’t you know it!?!?!  I forgot to take a log in to make notes tonight.  So what would I have said?  Ummm….it’s hot.  It’s hotter than hot!  🙂  We didn’t do much more than go outside for potty and then back inside to the coolness for much needed petting, treats, attention and LOVE!!!!