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The day was…ummmm….hot!  Tomorrow it will be….hot!  The next day will be…you get the idea.  Canyon’s fun outside is about 10 minutes max, then he’s at the back door.  We usually make two trips outside during the breakfast and dinner visit.  I just want to give him all the chance he needs to eliminate.

My A/C status update.  Yes!  Husband did get it running last night.  Then sometime during the night it konked out again.  I was awoken about 5 a.m. with a man stomping around in his underwear saying curse words about the A/C.  Yeah…thanks for waking me up.  😉  We had repairmen at the house by 8:15 a.m. and they were gone by 10 a.m.  We now have a nice, cool house.  Crisis diverted and because they are good friends with our contractor, they’re only charging 1/2 labor.  It’s our lucky day!  😀

Canyon...look this way!

My concern for their little bowel problem was still there this morning, all over the kitchen floor!  So, I put them both on a rice only breakfast.  It must have worked, because there was nothing to see this evening.  Yea!  I didn’t give them anything other than a treat for the evening, because I didn’t want to tempt fate with their healing tummies.  However, Orey was adamant about going for a walk tonight.  I tried to tell him it was stinking HOT, but he would hear none of it!  Yeah, he’s fine now.  We did go around the block and they did suck some water down upon our return.  Hoo boy!  When will they listen?  😉