Archive for July 20, 2011

Need I mention today was hot.  Okay, it’s hot every day, so I went over a little earlier this afternoon to take him out for potty.  I did have to tell him he couldn’t have my Starbuck’s frappucino though.  I saw him eying it.  😉  Tonight he didn’t care to stay out long at all, which was fine.  I didn’t want to stay out either, not to mention my A/C at home went kaput.  When it did this I seriously considered just sleeping with Canyon, instead of going home, but my husband got it fixed.  A crazy power surge knocked it out and it had to be manually reset.  Whew!

Uh-oh.  I noticed yesterday someone was having a little diarrhea problem and now both are  experiencing it.  🙁 Oreo more so than Stella, but both are drinking.  I’m hoping it will pass.  So for tonight, I did not give Stella any canned food.  She was eating all of it, but didn’t do so today.  Didn’t see much point in giving wet food, if her tummy’s upset.  Their spirit is fine and both were excited for the walk tonight.  The funny thing is they both eagerly took a treat from me, so I’m not too worried about it all.  I’ll keep my eye on them though.