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I had a good greeting from the little ones for the noon visit, but they quickly remembered the fear thing again.  Well Stella was actually better with not being afraid than Orey.  Tonight changed all of this when I grabbed their leashes.  They remember!!!  The walk wasn’t too long as it’s still so stinking hot, even though I waited until 8.  Orey did all his biz, but Stella didn’t do #2 for me.  🙁  When we got back, Stella wanted in the backyard.  She’s never wanted to go there with me before.  She also turned her nose up at a treat.  Too hot maybe?

Well, I didn’t post last night.  Sunday night is Mexican night for us and after a heavy meal, the lateness of it all, I sometimes skip this particular night.

So, things are going well, but Canyon is thinking it’s just too hot.  🙂  Weathermen are saying we might catch a break next week, but we’ll just see about that!  No sandwich today as I took a day off from exercise, so no begging for a bite.  Darn!  He did get a treat though. Oh…speaking of…I’m glad you’re treat jar isn’t glass.  I dropped the lid due to juggling too many things in my hands tonight.  The only thing that did break is the plastic piece holding the knob onto the lid.  I’m going to take some super glue and see if it will hold it.  I’m sure it will, but I do admit fault on this and prefer no surprises if it pops off on you sometime.  🙁