Archive for July 16, 2011

Today was quiet and Canyon has been my only one to visit this weekend.  He had a tough time coming down the stairs this morning, but I was still impressed.  My male would look at the first step and think “nah!  Too much trouble!”  I lined out my riverpark exercise to occur before the afternoon visit.  The problem was when  I finished the exercise I was famished, so I stopped by the bagel shop and grabbed a sandwich to take with me for later.  I changed my mind (I’m female and have this liberty granted to me by gender) and dined on my sandwich outside on the steps with Canyon staring at me the entire time.  “Please let a morsel drop.”  And one did…a small sliver of turkey fell.  Oh BOY!  😀  The evening was uneventful, but as you know it’s a major event.  It meant dinner for him.