Archive for July 13, 2011

Wow!  Wasn’t today a nice break in the heat wave we’ve been experiencing?    I noticed everyone’s (including my own) plants have suddenly perked up!   The pups were even perkier today, as well.  I wish I was, but I won’t go into why.  I did like that Penny was appreciative of the cooler weather…if you call 95 cool.  🙂

Today went well and as I said by text, no problem with the last minute addition.  I’m out your way everyday 4x per week, so it was an easy adjustment.  The extra visit is only $10 and we can just add it for the future, if you prefer.

The only thing I can think about worth mentioning is Penny got too close to Louie’s food bowl tonight during dinner.  He let her know he didn’t like it and she responded well.  I’m sure you’ve seen it before.  Iris was a gem tonight.  I had her running circles to burn some steam out of her.  She finally relented and needed water.  Job well done (patting self on back)!

Ohhhhh…I just remembered.  Ummm….it seems Iris got a little overzealous (maybe bored?) today and took some stuffing out of a pillow on your bed.  It’s one of the small pillows and could be repaired with little notice.  It’s funny.  I’ve had so many big dogs, things like this don’t even phase me.  I just wonder how can I entertain them better so they don’t destroy my home.  😀

I'm guilty and I know it!!!