Archive for July 12, 2011

I didn’t get to your house first thing this morning.  I had a dental appointment and I couldn’t seem to get woke up and do two homes (the other home has dogs), but I did get there around 11’ish.  It was the same as yesterday.  Ozzy didn’t peek out, but suddenly appeared when I dished up some food.  He got a good petting and some play, but he’s never been real playful with me.  It seems as if he only tolerates the play…as if to amuse me maybe?  So I guess, who is playing with whom?  🙂

I hung around your house a little longer this morning due to being scheduled at the dentist.  I didn’t want to drive all the way home and then over to Prattville and I knew I couldn’t get to the dentist in time if I went to my second home-alone kitty.  Anyway, I got ready to leave (just enough time to drive to Prattville) and Gato runs into the house when I go out the front door.  Darnit!  I got him into the garage and ended up getting to the dentist 5 minutes late.  🙁  No biggie and I don’t think they even noticed.

Tonight, Iris got to go on a walk…to the mailbox.  😀  Louie was taking forever to eat, with Penny hanging around for any leftovers, so I decided to check the mail.  Perfect opportunity to take the young girl out.  She’s completely warmed up to me now and it really didn’t take her long.  Hey, even Louie has warmed up to me and he took a lot longer.  I was on the floor this morning with him and he was all over me with his tail wiggling.  How long did it take?  About 2 years!!!  Sheesh!