Archive for July 11, 2011

I just knew I had forgotten to make a written post this morning at one of my places.  I discovered this evening it was yours.  Sorry!  🙁  I had a phone call, which distracted me.  When I got home after my rounds I kept thinking about it, but couldn’t remember which house I was at where I got the phone call.  Long story short, I did a few extra things this morning beyond feeding the dogs.  I untangled your pool vacuum!!!  It was stuck in one corner and tangled up, so I leaned over the side to gently tug the hose to pull it towards me.  Iris helped for the most part…until the water spray started, then she took off.  😀  Anyway, it’s now functioning well again and picked up the dead wasp laying on the pool floor.  May the wasp rest in peace.

This evening was uneventful.  I had Iris in a game of chase outside to burn some of her energy.  I probably didn’t even nick the surface of her energy, but I gave it a good try.  Louie went in early.  The heat was too much for him, but Penny was a trooper and wanted to be with me.

I showed up this morning and there was no sign of Ozzy.  I assume he was in his favorite spot upstairs, but normally, he peers at me from the top landing after hearing me enter.  There was no kitty head from the top this time.  So, I just began preparing his food.  Next thing I know there’s a yellow furball rubbing my leg.  HI OZZY!