Archive for July 9, 2011

Wow!  I just did not get any good pictures today.  Hopefully I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

Anyway, it took all the way until tonight’s visit before Iris finally began trusting me enough to pet her.  And when she did, she really did.  Penny was not going to be left out of that action, so I had two dogs leaning all over me for the pets.  I have no idea where Louie was during this time as I was too busy trying to keep my balance.  😀

I thought about walking Iris tonight.  I’m not sure why I thought this as it was still 102 when I pulled into your driveway!  No way am I walking a dog on the asphalt in that heat!  So we did some backyard play instead, but Louie wanted to play with the ball.  Okay, there was some confusion, but it looks like the pups have worked out their pecking order now.  When Louie has the ball, it’s HIS!!!