Archive for July 4, 2011

Cricket was finally released from the garage this morning and I haven’t seen him since then.  I’m sure he’ll turn up tomorrow.

The pups were great and doing awesome.  Lily hasn’t been taking advantage of eating, so I’ve been putting a little kibble in her crate at the end of each visit.  She’s been eating all of it.  She’s too excited with me being there to take time to eat and I know she’s hungry!  The firework display tonight was awesome and Gus loved every minute of it.  He ran himself so hard the entire time tonight.  He finally came and plopped down in front of me.  I knew then it was time to inside.  😀

I had to wake up Beasley for the a.m. and afternoon visit, but she was barking for me this evening….before I even unlocked the door!!!  That was a first.  I, unexpectedly, met your new neighbors this morning.  Well, I met the woman and she’s very nice.  Of course, I prefer not to talk to mean people, but that’s beside the point.  She was out doing a little lawn work and erroneously assumed I was her neighbor.  Normally, I don’t tell people when someone’s gone, but this was a clear cut case she is who she says she is.  Anyway, she’s excited to meet the two of you and definitely wants to know when trash days are in the neighborhood.  I’m sure you can help her out with the neighborhood information.  😉

It was a pretty good day for us.  The weather was AWESOME for our walk this morning.  The rains last night, more like little drops here and there, cooled the weather off dramatically.  The cooling didn’t last long though, but it was perfect this morning.