Archive for July 3, 2011

The pups are fine and Cricket wanted into the garage this morning.  Or was it afternoon?  I don’t remember now, but he’s still there.  I’ll let him out in the morning.  There’s so much neighborhood fireworks going on, it might be too much for him.  Oh yes, Gus ran himself silly tonight tending to all the booms.  The other two didn’t care to be a part of the festivities, so they went back inside after their business.

I guess I’m doomed to forget a picture of one place each day.  Tag you’re it!  😉

The day was fine and fairly uneventful.  Beasley’s always so good.  I did have to coach her a little tonight to eat some food, but she did finally.  It’s as if she’s so excited I’m there.  Our time outside tonight wasn’t as long as I wanted.  There were 4 fighter jets flying at a low level overhead, which made B attach herself to my legs.  She wouldn’t leave my side after this.

We had a good day.  Our walk this morning was uneventful, once we got past those barking dogs on the corner.  He dallied (yes, I just used an old-time word) a little too long on the pebbles of the playground, so I got him refocused to his main task.  The only other event worth noting was the wind picked up and a branch out of your tree fell right in front my feet.  Titan, of course, sensed this was going to occur and had already darted away.  Traitor!  🙂