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When I drive up this morning, I was wondering how that bag had blown into your little parkway.  As I pulled in, I realized it wasn’t a bag, but Cricket!!!  Ummm….maybe my eyes are going bad?  😉  Anyway, it was already hot this morning.  I couldn’t believe it and I knew it was going to be ferocious this afternoon.  I was right.  It hit 103, according to my car reading!!!  Yikes!  Pups did NOT care to stay out long in that!

This evening was a repeat of last night, minus one dog.  Gus was the only one taking care of the fireworks and then proceeded to take care of them inside the house.  I started to think we needed a masking noise and was glad to see the radio in the kitchen.  It’s now on for their night time entertainment.  It most likely will be on for the next two nights as well.  Gotta’ love living right outside the city limits, huh?

Forgot to take a pic, so this is an older one.

Beasley was such a good girl, as always.  I may have to adjust, if possible, my a.m. visit time just a tad.  It seems I got there when all the sprinklers were going in the back yard.  Thus, I had a wet Beasley to dry off, as well as my feet.  She finally got hungry this evening and ate all her food.  This is a first for me, but I do know last time there was a lot of things going on in the house that could have stressed her out a little.

Titan’s not loving this heat and it was HOT today!  He spent all of maybe 10 minutes this afternoon.  He did stay out a little longer this evening, but it was over the course of two outside breaks with dinner in between.

It was actually a good day for all of us.  They’ve waited patiently and have really not had too many accidents in the house.  Yes, there has been a few, but that’s okay.  Easy clean-up.  Ha-ha.  They wouldn’t even go into the yard for me this a.m., since they knew they were going on a walk.