Archive for July 1, 2011

I saw Cricket on my first visit and then he disappeared.  I’m sure he’s fine though….probably catching crickets.  The pups didn’t care to stay out too long this afternoon.  It was 101 with a 104 heat index.  Can’t say I blame them one bit!  This evening was fun with Gus and Abby taking care of all the fireworks happening outside.  It should be a fun July 4th for those two.  Lily wasn’t a fan of the noises though, so I let her back inside after she was finished with her outside business.

It's hot! Let us in!!!!

I forgot to snap a photo tonight.  I was too enamored with the pool, which I had forgotten about from the last visits when it was colder.  Anyway, my bad and I did dip my tootsies in the…ummm…bath water.  😉

Beasley was ready to come out…after I woke her up.  We wandered the yard for a good 20 minutes or so and then went in for food and water.  Everything looked fine in the house.  It looks great after all the restoration!!!

Yup!  I missed posting last night, but we know they’re fine.  Nothing too exciting to report.   Oh!  You will want to wash off any basil prior to using it though.  Darn Cassius.  It’s not a tree or fire hydrant!

On our early morning walk!