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Well, I didn’t post last night.  Sunday night is Mexican night for us and after a heavy meal, the lateness of it all, I sometimes skip this particular night.

So, things are going well, but Canyon is thinking it’s just too hot.  🙂  Weathermen are saying we might catch a break next week, but we’ll just see about that!  No sandwich today as I took a day off from exercise, so no begging for a bite.  Darn!  He did get a treat though. Oh…speaking of…I’m glad you’re treat jar isn’t glass.  I dropped the lid due to juggling too many things in my hands tonight.  The only thing that did break is the plastic piece holding the knob onto the lid.  I’m going to take some super glue and see if it will hold it.  I’m sure it will, but I do admit fault on this and prefer no surprises if it pops off on you sometime.  🙁

Today was quiet and Canyon has been my only one to visit this weekend.  He had a tough time coming down the stairs this morning, but I was still impressed.  My male would look at the first step and think “nah!  Too much trouble!”  I lined out my riverpark exercise to occur before the afternoon visit.  The problem was when  I finished the exercise I was famished, so I stopped by the bagel shop and grabbed a sandwich to take with me for later.  I changed my mind (I’m female and have this liberty granted to me by gender) and dined on my sandwich outside on the steps with Canyon staring at me the entire time.  “Please let a morsel drop.”  And one did…a small sliver of turkey fell.  Oh BOY!  😀  The evening was uneventful, but as you know it’s a major event.  It meant dinner for him.


He’s so silly.  His memory this morning told him I was there to feed him.  He managed with only a treat though.  This evening he burned a little energy.  I managed to get him in a chase game for a couple of minutes.  I guess the barking JRT’s got him excited.  🙂

It's HOT!!!!

Wow!  Wasn’t today a nice break in the heat wave we’ve been experiencing?    I noticed everyone’s (including my own) plants have suddenly perked up!   The pups were even perkier today, as well.  I wish I was, but I won’t go into why.  I did like that Penny was appreciative of the cooler weather…if you call 95 cool.  🙂

Today went well and as I said by text, no problem with the last minute addition.  I’m out your way everyday 4x per week, so it was an easy adjustment.  The extra visit is only $10 and we can just add it for the future, if you prefer.

The only thing I can think about worth mentioning is Penny got too close to Louie’s food bowl tonight during dinner.  He let her know he didn’t like it and she responded well.  I’m sure you’ve seen it before.  Iris was a gem tonight.  I had her running circles to burn some steam out of her.  She finally relented and needed water.  Job well done (patting self on back)!

Ohhhhh…I just remembered.  Ummm….it seems Iris got a little overzealous (maybe bored?) today and took some stuffing out of a pillow on your bed.  It’s one of the small pillows and could be repaired with little notice.  It’s funny.  I’ve had so many big dogs, things like this don’t even phase me.  I just wonder how can I entertain them better so they don’t destroy my home.  😀

I'm guilty and I know it!!!

I didn’t get to your house first thing this morning.  I had a dental appointment and I couldn’t seem to get woke up and do two homes (the other home has dogs), but I did get there around 11’ish.  It was the same as yesterday.  Ozzy didn’t peek out, but suddenly appeared when I dished up some food.  He got a good petting and some play, but he’s never been real playful with me.  It seems as if he only tolerates the play…as if to amuse me maybe?  So I guess, who is playing with whom?  🙂

I hung around your house a little longer this morning due to being scheduled at the dentist.  I didn’t want to drive all the way home and then over to Prattville and I knew I couldn’t get to the dentist in time if I went to my second home-alone kitty.  Anyway, I got ready to leave (just enough time to drive to Prattville) and Gato runs into the house when I go out the front door.  Darnit!  I got him into the garage and ended up getting to the dentist 5 minutes late.  🙁  No biggie and I don’t think they even noticed.

Tonight, Iris got to go on a walk…to the mailbox.  😀  Louie was taking forever to eat, with Penny hanging around for any leftovers, so I decided to check the mail.  Perfect opportunity to take the young girl out.  She’s completely warmed up to me now and it really didn’t take her long.  Hey, even Louie has warmed up to me and he took a lot longer.  I was on the floor this morning with him and he was all over me with his tail wiggling.  How long did it take?  About 2 years!!!  Sheesh!

I just knew I had forgotten to make a written post this morning at one of my places.  I discovered this evening it was yours.  Sorry!  🙁  I had a phone call, which distracted me.  When I got home after my rounds I kept thinking about it, but couldn’t remember which house I was at where I got the phone call.  Long story short, I did a few extra things this morning beyond feeding the dogs.  I untangled your pool vacuum!!!  It was stuck in one corner and tangled up, so I leaned over the side to gently tug the hose to pull it towards me.  Iris helped for the most part…until the water spray started, then she took off.  😀  Anyway, it’s now functioning well again and picked up the dead wasp laying on the pool floor.  May the wasp rest in peace.

This evening was uneventful.  I had Iris in a game of chase outside to burn some of her energy.  I probably didn’t even nick the surface of her energy, but I gave it a good try.  Louie went in early.  The heat was too much for him, but Penny was a trooper and wanted to be with me.

I showed up this morning and there was no sign of Ozzy.  I assume he was in his favorite spot upstairs, but normally, he peers at me from the top landing after hearing me enter.  There was no kitty head from the top this time.  So, I just began preparing his food.  Next thing I know there’s a yellow furball rubbing my leg.  HI OZZY!

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Was it a hot day?  I thought I would take advantage of the 2 year offer of swimming…really, I did.  I normally don’t, but it was so stinkin’ hot, I thought “why not?”  So I’m all prepared and drive over to your house (Sundays are typically light for me), and I notice a car in the driveway.  I think maybe I wasn’t scheduled for today, but I check my calendar and I am.  I do in the house to see 6 eyes looking at me…that looks normal.  I check out the blinds in the back and someone is lounging by your pool.  Huh?  Long story short, I guess it’s a friend of yours and we made introductions.  I did do a quick soak in the pool and played with Iris mostly after this.

The other visits were routine.  Still no walk for Iris, as the only opportunity is the evening visit and it’s too hot!  We have been doing lots of backyard play and I started working with her on “drop/release” of the ball.  She’ll be a pro by the time you return.  😉

geez....horrible shot. 🙁

Wow!  I just did not get any good pictures today.  Hopefully I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

Anyway, it took all the way until tonight’s visit before Iris finally began trusting me enough to pet her.  And when she did, she really did.  Penny was not going to be left out of that action, so I had two dogs leaning all over me for the pets.  I have no idea where Louie was during this time as I was too busy trying to keep my balance.  😀

I thought about walking Iris tonight.  I’m not sure why I thought this as it was still 102 when I pulled into your driveway!  No way am I walking a dog on the asphalt in that heat!  So we did some backyard play instead, but Louie wanted to play with the ball.  Okay, there was some confusion, but it looks like the pups have worked out their pecking order now.  When Louie has the ball, it’s HIS!!!