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Top news of the day is…I didn’t make any written notes today.  I kept forgetting to take in a new sheet.  I think the heat’s getting to me or something.  So I hope you’re reading here, because I’m probably not going to make up for lost time with a new sheet.

Anyway, Canyon was rather comical this morning.  He was upstairs and would come almost to the bottom and then go back up.  He did this several times and I’ve been suspicious he’s nervous about his footing on the wood floors for several days now.  I’m sure you’ve noticed this.  I did manage to guide him outside eventually, but it took some work and gentle leading with his collar…of course, lots of praise once we got to the door.  I’m assuming you may not have had wood flooring in your previous house or perhaps minimal?

The knob is now glued back on the treat jar lid.  It took two tries to get the right amount of glue in the right places.  I’ve tested it several times on the treat jar and seems to holding.  Love Krazy Glue.  I’m still amazed at my ability, or lack of, to have the lid fall so perfectly to pop it off in the first place.  Do you ever feel like the unluckiest person?  I think I’ll stay out of casinos for awhile.  😉

Canyon is eager for your return.  He told me this.

He hates the flash!

Today was … hot!  🙂  Canyon actually stayed out the longest tonight.  I’m not sure why as it is sooo muggy and sticky, plus hot!  This afternoon was funny.  It was run out, do #1, run back in.  He was quick!!!  Then he wanted to go upstairs.  It was hilarious.  He kept dancing on the bottom of the stairs to entice me.  I decided it might be a good idea to go up there so I can see if there’s anything that needs attention, ie any possible Canyon messes.  What needed attention was Canyon wanting to play with his toy.  🙂  So we played for a few minutes and then headed back downstairs for our obligatory 20 minutes of petting.

I thought I got a picture of him today, but I guess I didn’t.  🙁  Blaming it on the heat!

I had two hungry puppies this morning and not one potty in the house.  Woo-Hoo!  This evening we weren’t so lucky with the house, but at least it was on the pad.  Woo-Hoo again!  And (drum roll) they are almost…just almost completely solid!  I’m surmising their upset tummies was causing them to go anywhere in the house before, and outside too, but when they felt better they started going in appropriate places.  But yes, they are hungry and eating canned and dry food both.  No more rice necessary.

I told Orey to stop looking at me with his sad puppy dog eyes.  I was absolutely NOT taking them on a walk when the temps reached 105 earlier today.  There was no way the asphalt could recover from this extreme temp today and little paws with bodies so close to the ground would be quite uncomfortable.  If I can wake up enough, I’ll take them in the morning.

The day was…ummmm….hot!  Tomorrow it will be….hot!  The next day will be…you get the idea.  Canyon’s fun outside is about 10 minutes max, then he’s at the back door.  We usually make two trips outside during the breakfast and dinner visit.  I just want to give him all the chance he needs to eliminate.

My A/C status update.  Yes!  Husband did get it running last night.  Then sometime during the night it konked out again.  I was awoken about 5 a.m. with a man stomping around in his underwear saying curse words about the A/C.  Yeah…thanks for waking me up.  😉  We had repairmen at the house by 8:15 a.m. and they were gone by 10 a.m.  We now have a nice, cool house.  Crisis diverted and because they are good friends with our contractor, they’re only charging 1/2 labor.  It’s our lucky day!  😀

Canyon...look this way!

My concern for their little bowel problem was still there this morning, all over the kitchen floor!  So, I put them both on a rice only breakfast.  It must have worked, because there was nothing to see this evening.  Yea!  I didn’t give them anything other than a treat for the evening, because I didn’t want to tempt fate with their healing tummies.  However, Orey was adamant about going for a walk tonight.  I tried to tell him it was stinking HOT, but he would hear none of it!  Yeah, he’s fine now.  We did go around the block and they did suck some water down upon our return.  Hoo boy!  When will they listen?  😉

Need I mention today was hot.  Okay, it’s hot every day, so I went over a little earlier this afternoon to take him out for potty.  I did have to tell him he couldn’t have my Starbuck’s frappucino though.  I saw him eying it.  😉  Tonight he didn’t care to stay out long at all, which was fine.  I didn’t want to stay out either, not to mention my A/C at home went kaput.  When it did this I seriously considered just sleeping with Canyon, instead of going home, but my husband got it fixed.  A crazy power surge knocked it out and it had to be manually reset.  Whew!

Uh-oh.  I noticed yesterday someone was having a little diarrhea problem and now both are  experiencing it.  🙁 Oreo more so than Stella, but both are drinking.  I’m hoping it will pass.  So for tonight, I did not give Stella any canned food.  She was eating all of it, but didn’t do so today.  Didn’t see much point in giving wet food, if her tummy’s upset.  Their spirit is fine and both were excited for the walk tonight.  The funny thing is they both eagerly took a treat from me, so I’m not too worried about it all.  I’ll keep my eye on them though.

Canyon was such a good boy today.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stay out long this morning.  The nicest part of the day certainly commands lots of outdoor time, right?  Nope!  The lawn guys showed up, so I had to usher Canyon back inside for them to do their work.  We just couldn’t take it outside long this afternoon in the heat, so other than potty, we spent the remainder inside.  I was late tonight, so we did stay out longer as it’s dark.  Unfortunately the mosquitoes loved me.  🙁

Um…if you see a missed call from me, ignore it.  I kept hearing “if you’d like to make a call…”  and I was wondering what it was.  I had my phone in my pocket and it somehow magically dialed you.  I’ve never had this happen before.  I’m perplexed.

Neither one would go outside for me this morning and only Stella would eat.  Orey jumped up and ran into the kitchen and then ran back out.  Now tonight, Orey did go out and Stella stood in the door, then used the pee pad!

Dear Miss Stella,

I’m so sorry I did not get to take you on walk tonight, but couldn’t you amuse me just a little and come outside with the rest of us???

Your Petsitter

I had a good greeting from the little ones for the noon visit, but they quickly remembered the fear thing again.  Well Stella was actually better with not being afraid than Orey.  Tonight changed all of this when I grabbed their leashes.  They remember!!!  The walk wasn’t too long as it’s still so stinking hot, even though I waited until 8.  Orey did all his biz, but Stella didn’t do #2 for me.  🙁  When we got back, Stella wanted in the backyard.  She’s never wanted to go there with me before.  She also turned her nose up at a treat.  Too hot maybe?