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It was a great day!  They got to go on a walk…and got some treats!  🙂  Nothing better in life.

No accidents to report!  Yea!  They were so quiet tonight and it was kind of freaking me out.  They were loving, but just kind of “blah”.  I’m sure they’ll perk up tomorrow when we go for a walk.

Everyone’s doing great.  I refilled all the water this morning in the habitats.  The pups are doing awesome, but are getting me quite muddy…thank you Reba.  I outsmarted her tonight and wore a run-down t-shirt.  🙂

Putting my best pic out there for now.  The one that makes me a tad nervous.

Okay, so you’ve lost your little ipod remote control to Vinny.  Darn little chew-bacca.  I’m not even sure where it was for him to find it.  The only other things he’s chewed on has been appropriate items, such as….oh…dog toys.  🙂

Our walks have been really nice, but they are both so kid-crazy.  There’s two young girls down the street and they both start whining and pulling wanting to go see them.  A meet-and-greet didn’t work out for us tonight though.  The girls were busy in some type of acting play they had set-up for their parents in the drive-way.  So cute!

The pups (and Charlie) are ready for your return.

Lounging under the spider web

Yes, there’s a spider web there and I keep stupidly walking through it.  Eek!

The day went good.  I tried my darnedest to keep Meeka out of Vinny’s food.  I even wrapped it and put it in the fridge for him to have tonight, but as soon as I put the bowl down, Meeka was all over it.  Vinny was just following me everywhere around the house, so it was unguarded.  Ugh!  Well, I tried.

We went on a walk tonight and it was good.  Vinny did #2 on the walk and I asked them both to wait while I picked it up.  Next thing I know, my legs are shackled in leashes.  Good job waiting guys!  🙂

Well, I goofily forgot my phone tonight, so there’s no picture.  I had it in the morning, but didn’t take a picture then.

Dutch’s toy of the night was his leash.  I guess I didn’t get it wrapped around the pegs well, but then again, he’s a tall boy.  It wouldn’t take much for him to get what he wants.  😉  It was so nice this morning, I left the back door open while I was watering and surprisingly, Dutch stood in the door the entire time.  It’s as if he knew he was going to be cast outside.  Are you sure he shouldn’t be a house dog full-time?  😀

Tonight we got to meet the neighbors across the street during our walk.  They were out setting up for a garage sale beginning tomorrow.  Nice people!  One of the ladies helping the neighbor just had to meet Dutch!  I found out she has 4…yes, FOUR…Great Dane’s!!!!  They all live in the house with her and I was thinking, “Wow!  You must have a huge house!”  🙂  She even told me they all sleep in the bed with her.  Oh my!  He also met the actual neighbor and she’s been wondering about him as she’s seen him sticking his head up over the fence???  Very funny.  The rest of the walk was fairly uneventful, but he did do #2 on this walk and with all the med’s it was quite….ummm…unsolid.  I got as much as possible.  I had the same issue with my lab boy when he was being dosed heavily on some antibiotic’s, so it’s common the stool gets affected.