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The day was good for us.  We got a little rain this morning, which I think was enough to keep the plants happy.  I did water the porch items though.  I did find a few strange objects, magazine and a tube of Retin-A, littering the kitchen floor.  I investigated and discovered Dutch has access to a few rooms where he could have obtained these items.  I went ahead and shut all the doors, so we don’t have any more problems.  I was concerned about the Retin-A tube, but it looks like it was empty.  Perhaps he dug it out of the trash can.  He seems fine, so I’m not worried any longer.

The day went so smoothly, there’s really nothing extraordinary to report.  Of course, I always consider this a good.  It means our pups are on their best behavior. 🙂

I wish I could say this about other events today though.  Is it a full moon or something?  Sheesh!  When I got back in this morning, my husband goes for a run with my black lab girl (I’m injured- boo), so I take my old lab boy out for a walk around the park.  It’s only a 20 – 25 minute walk and when I get back I find 2 policeman with their vehicles blocking the road.  As I look further, they’ve got a man hand-cuffed and sitting on my driveway!  Noon time I go out for my rounds, but am stopped by several police cars zooming down Yale.  It seems there was a shooting at the Walmart Market at 21st and Yale.  Then further down Yale, there was another flashing police car.  I’d like to say it was just a fender bender, but one car was lying on it’s roof!!!  What a day and I’m glad I’m got through it!  Kudos to our responders though.  They’ve earned it today.

Out for our walk on beautiful evening!


Great night and I got to meet your neighbor.  Well, it was really only a quick “hi.”  Dutch met at the fence and I’m sure you’re surprised.  I did his pills in his food and he ate them…sort of.  One mysteriously popped out and I had to pop it back into the dish.  😉  We also went on a walk this evening.  Wow!  Is he fun to walk or what?  He kept leaning into me the entire time.  It was like having a complete body workout the entire time.  I also kept having to stop him from peeing on everyone’s trash cans.  Hoo boy!  His tongue was hanging pretty good by the end of the walk, so job accomplished!  😀

It was such a peaceful holiday.  Nobody was out in the morning, so we had the entire stroll to ourselves.  This afternoon we stayed in the backyard until Titan decided he wanted to get under your shed.  Sheesh!  If he was that hot, he should’ve just told me.  😉  Nothing too exciting for tonight, but he did remember about getting under the shed.  I called him off of this behavior, so there’s no harm done.

It was a gorgeous day today.  We took our walk this morning, but I clearly need some motivation to walk him on the other daily visits.  I’m hoping to regather some of it tomorrow.  🙂  Anyway, the walk went great and he even passed by another dog with no problem.  Of course, this dog wasn’t like a buffoon either and this always helps.  The other two visits, we played in the back yard.  He’s so silly and so easy to love, isn’t he?

Sorry no pic.  I was trying to blindly walk through a dark house.  😉  Seriously though, I did find light switches fairly quickly.  So I saw Drifter at the back door, opened it, and Ryder comes flying inside.  Hmph!  Don’t have to worry about getting him inside, now do I.  Drifter was the one unsure about coming in, but he finally decided to take the plunge.  I then went looking for the dog food as I didn’t see it in the laundry room as I was told (just taking the time to get the lay-out for the next few days).  I did find the milk bones though and also found the dog food.  So, all is well, but I never did see May.  I’m sure she’s holed up somewhere.

This boy cracks me up!  😀  Now he’s been playing the “chase me” game in the backyard with me hiding behind the shed and wherever else.  We did two walks today, a.m. and afternoon, with no crazy interruptions from other dogs…except for the one’s across the street, but I’m ready for them.  For some reason, I got all messed up on the dates and then realized I didn’t even leave a note for the morning visit.  I’m still trying to figure out why I didn’t leave one.  I think I’m just going to have to chalk it up to exhaustion due to no other explainable reason.  I did take a much needed 2 hour nap today.


I just realized I didn’t get a picture today.  🙁

We had fun today…kind of.  We walked this afternoon only as it was too cold (for me) this morning and too dark tonight.  I’m kind of a pansy with the cold when it’s supposed to be warm!!!  The walk was a bit of an adventure and yes I did remember treats this time.  Good thing too.  I quickly distracted him before he started his behavior with the dogs across the street.  Then we ran into a little yappy dog, which I wasn’t as quick with the treats.  We reverted back the way we were walking as both dogs were now acting up.  I turned the corner and oh joy!  There’s a loose dog and he’s now veering straight for us.  He/she was really very sweet and responsive when I told pup “NO.”  Of course, Titan was already acting up by this point and you know he’s a bit of a challenge to handle when he gets to a certain level.  It was fine though as I had the lead cinched up well by this point, so we managed to get back home safely.  Whew!

What a….chilly morning and evening.  It warmed up in the afternoon, but not a lot.  How is anyone going to have pool parties if it doesn’t warm up?

Really not too much to report today.  They were angels.  Well, Meeka did use a pee pad from the afternoon to evening visit.  She’s held herself longer that this before!  I’ve been trying to curb Vinny’s jumping habit.  He’s sort of understanding the concept, but it’s a hard behavior to break.  He had a lot of fun today slinging the bone about the yard.  🙂

Oh yeah, I saw these in your neighbor’s yard.

I made it back this afternoon where Titan and I had a wonderful walk on a beautiful day.  I did make one error though.  I forgot to grab a few milk bones for the trek.  Oops!  I had the cinch the leash up tightly so he wouldn’t pull me over in my flip-flops while going by the one house with the 2 big dogs.  He gave it his best shot though.  🙂  It’s now remembered in my mind to TAKE TREATS!

This evening was pretty casual.  We didn’t go for a walk due to the sprinkling rain, but did go out twice for potty.  We spent the remainder of the time playing “chase Titan” around the living room furniture.  He LOVES this game!