Archive for April 24, 2011

It’s been raining all day and Belle hasn’t liked it one bit!  She spent the entire time from the afternoon to the evening visit under your bed.  She’s in her playpen now, but I did consider pulling her out and letting her go back under the bed as she seemed most comfortable there.  Bleu hasn’t liked this weather much either.  She certainly doesn’t like being alone with all the thunder as she never wants me to leave.  I think she would hug my legs to keep me from leaving if she could.  🙂

Idgy’s doing great.  His ear looks awesome.  Not much more to say about him.  He’s a trooper!  🙂

It’s been raining all day long with mostly sporadic thunder/lightening…until this evening.  I guess the heart of the storm has rolled in and it’s continuous thunder/lightening now.  So, Kenai is now showing some stress.  I’ve closed the kitchen blinds to mute the flashes of lightening, but I can’t do anything about the thunder.  She seems to be nervously drinking a lot of water, so I may have a mess to clean up tomorrow a.m.  It’s okay though.

Today has been all rain.  Boo!  But we did need it…and there is a lot of flash flooding going on out there….and you know how Riverside gets when it’s flooding.  Sheesh!  I was glad my car made it through at 41st.  Yikes!  That was deep.

The pups are doing well.  Stella is asking for lots of belly rubs now and I’m happily supplying those for her.  Oreo just stares and stares, but he really is much calmer now.  No more fear whining for him and he even went outside for me!  Woo-hoo!  He’s NEVER done that before.  He’s a tough cookie!  🙂

The pups and kitty are doing fine….well, Cricket wanted out earlier and it’s storming now, so there’s no sign of her again.  I tried to tell her the storm was coming.  🙂

Because of the storm, the pups are getting their business done as quickly as possible.  Imagine that!  Lilly finally ate more than just a few morsels of food tonight.  I guess she finally got hungry enough.  I think the mole hill has finally been forgotten, but I didn’t get the dirt shoveled back in before this rain hit.  🙁  My bad.

Mud face!