Archive for April 23, 2011

Cricket came back this afternoon.  Whew!  I got a little worried when I passed a dead kitty on 81st coming in, but it was black.  I knew it wasn’t her, but I got alarmed all the same.  Anyway, she’s now in the garage.  Good place for her, since it’s raining again.  Ugh!

Let’s talk about Gus.  There was a freshly dug mole or gopher hill, spotted by them during the afternoon visit.  Terriers being terriers, I’m sure you know that Gus is now digging a huge hole and nothing seems to deter him.  Lilly could care less, Abby was slightly interested, but GUS is obsessed!!!  True to his breed, huh!  Other than this, things have gone well.  Sometimes there is an accident; sometimes not.  It’s no big deal.  I just clean it up and move on.

Things are going really well.  Bleu has just been a bundle of wiggles every time I arrive.  Idgy has that excited throat clearing sound and well, Belle’s always a bundle of wiggles.  🙂  Idgy’s ear looks really good still and takes his med’s like a pro.  I finally learned the secret for ensuring Belle takes hers…put the cheese in her food.  If I try to give it to her, she shies away.  Hey, whatever works, right?

No new pic today.  I was fairly lazy about taking photos and not really sure why.  As always, the girls are doing great.  No accidents and very happy to see me.  The storms did move out for most of the day (just drizzle all day long), but now there’s lightening again this evening.  Oh…I can hear the rain really coming down now…but there’s no lightening that I can tell.  I think Kenai will be okay for the evening.

Haley’s doing well.  She took all her medications today with no problem.  We didn’t take any walks though.  The drizzly weather deterred us.

Out of all the pictures of pets I didn’t take today, I did take one of Stella…then lost it when I re-named it.  Oh sweet.  It was a picture depicting her in her regular leash and not the slip lead.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  I knew she would the first one to crack and she is doing awesome.  Tail wagging and lots of trust coming from her.  Oreo is improving as well.  Most notably, he actually accepted a treat from me tonight!  Just once though.  He also joined us in the kitchen for dinner, instead of sitting like a statue on the couch.  He so wants to trust, but hasn’t quite taken the final plunge yet.  Big improvement though!