Archive for April 22, 2011

Sorry there’s no pic tonight.  I’m sorry to hear about her hot spot.  🙁  I hate when our furry friends hurt.  I did give her the antibiotic tonight, even though I quickly figured out it’s best to put each pill in a separate pill pocket.  Silly me.  She was sweet as always and we even had a span of no rain to complete our walk.  😀

The girls were quite happy to see me. :). Yeah, they really had to “go” too. Maybe that’s why they’re happy. Now if I can keep Kenai out my coffee…

Okay! Got everyone fed, medicated, and Idgy’s ear cleaned. What a good boy! His boo-boo is nothing compared to what my female did to my male. His looks great!

Stella’s still doing awesome. Orey…well…he did decide he wanted to go outside this evening, sans leash. Uh, no! I don’t think so. Fortunately his self-proclaimed fear drove him back to his safe place; inside the house. 😉