Archive for April 21, 2011

Oh my!  There was no shyness with Lilly today…at all!  Very much a different girl from our first two meetings, but you know how it goes.  When the parent is away………

The visits went very well.  Miss Cricket “meowed” from the garage, so I let her out and put her food/water there too.  By tonight…well…she wasn’t fond of the drizzly weather so she came back inside and back into the garage.  Abby tested me a few times with Gus, but she’ll figure out I only expect lady-like behavior from her.  😉

Today was good…okay, Oreo is still being his usual self, but Stella is doing great!!!  We went on a walk this morning down the street…her tail was up and she was happy.  😀  Of course, this made me ecstatic.  We went outside this evening, but it’s a cold drizzle.  She wasn’t a big fan of it and neither was I.

Oreo – I’m still trying to make the break, but am hoping this Stella connection will be what does it for him.  He’s eating a little, I think.  I’m not quite sure, so I put only wet in the bowl for tonight.  We’ll see what happens.

FYI – the rest of the weekend postings will be done in the afternoon.