Archive for April 20, 2011

Hmmm…well, today went well.  🙂  It was pretty much a repeat of last time this morning.  The evening went a bit better.  At least Orey “sort of” joined us on the couch, but he was at alert!  The best thing about this evening was I grabbed my leashes (I have slip leads, so I figured it would be less invasive for them) and Stella was quite excited.  Okay, I’m going with this one.  I hooked her up and she continued running around the front door in pure joy.  I asked Orey if he wanted to go and nope!  Not interested.  “Fine then”, I thought.  “You’ll be envious when you see Stella go out the door with me.”  😉  You know what?  He was.  He sniffed her down when we returned.  Maybe….just maybe….he’ll be interested enough in a day or so.  That’s my wish.  By the way, Stella and I didn’t get out of the front yard.  Once we got outside, the chilly weather hit her and she was no longer interested.  😀

Sorry no pic tonight.  Again, I just didn’t want to completely upset their world with a flash.