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The girls were quite happy to see me. :). Yeah, they really had to “go” too. Maybe that’s why they’re happy. Now if I can keep Kenai out my coffee…

Okay! Got everyone fed, medicated, and Idgy’s ear cleaned. What a good boy! His boo-boo is nothing compared to what my female did to my male. His looks great!

Stella’s still doing awesome. Orey…well…he did decide he wanted to go outside this evening, sans leash. Uh, no! I don’t think so. Fortunately his self-proclaimed fear drove him back to his safe place; inside the house. 😉

Oh my!  There was no shyness with Lilly today…at all!  Very much a different girl from our first two meetings, but you know how it goes.  When the parent is away………

The visits went very well.  Miss Cricket “meowed” from the garage, so I let her out and put her food/water there too.  By tonight…well…she wasn’t fond of the drizzly weather so she came back inside and back into the garage.  Abby tested me a few times with Gus, but she’ll figure out I only expect lady-like behavior from her.  😉

Today was good…okay, Oreo is still being his usual self, but Stella is doing great!!!  We went on a walk this morning down the street…her tail was up and she was happy.  😀  Of course, this made me ecstatic.  We went outside this evening, but it’s a cold drizzle.  She wasn’t a big fan of it and neither was I.

Oreo – I’m still trying to make the break, but am hoping this Stella connection will be what does it for him.  He’s eating a little, I think.  I’m not quite sure, so I put only wet in the bowl for tonight.  We’ll see what happens.

FYI – the rest of the weekend postings will be done in the afternoon.


Hmmm…well, today went well.  🙂  It was pretty much a repeat of last time this morning.  The evening went a bit better.  At least Orey “sort of” joined us on the couch, but he was at alert!  The best thing about this evening was I grabbed my leashes (I have slip leads, so I figured it would be less invasive for them) and Stella was quite excited.  Okay, I’m going with this one.  I hooked her up and she continued running around the front door in pure joy.  I asked Orey if he wanted to go and nope!  Not interested.  “Fine then”, I thought.  “You’ll be envious when you see Stella go out the door with me.”  😉  You know what?  He was.  He sniffed her down when we returned.  Maybe….just maybe….he’ll be interested enough in a day or so.  That’s my wish.  By the way, Stella and I didn’t get out of the front yard.  Once we got outside, the chilly weather hit her and she was no longer interested.  😀

Sorry no pic tonight.  Again, I just didn’t want to completely upset their world with a flash.

The day went well, with exception to me not setting the alarm correctly this morning. But its set correctly tonight! Olive was great this morning, but very shy tonight. So shy I had to get the leash to take her out. We’ll see how she does tomorrow, but I would guess she is going to be much more comfortable with me.