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We’ve had more cold drizzling rain, which disrupted our walk yesterday.  I think she’s getting used to my arrival time as she quickly (as quickly as she moves) to greet me today.  It’s still quite chilly, but we did go for our walk.  She was very happy and made several treks to spend time with me inside.  She’s such a sweet girl!

Sorry about missing a posting yesterday, but tax preparations got in the way….more like fried my brain.  🙂  Anyway, the girls are doing great, but I am a little concerned for Abby…assuming it’s her.  I can’t really tell as I’m not there all the time to witness the scene.  It appears that she may be “coughing up a hair ball” a little too frequently for my liking.  It’s probably just nerves, as I keep poking my head under the bed to ensure she’s still there and moving!  She is spunky, which is why my concern is lessened about the situation, but I’m keeping a close eye on her…as best possible.

Today’s visit went pretty much the same as yesterday’s.  Abby stayed under the bed (but I did check on her) with Annie meeting me almost at the the door.  Momma shows up when the food is coming out.  She’s a gal after my own heart.  😉  I had to replenish the dry kibble today with one bowl being almost cleaned out!  It was full yesterday!!!

Funny story.  I went to wash my hands today after litter box cleaning.  I did this at the kitchen sink and trying to decide which bottle is the hand wash.  I finally elected to pick the Agave bottle knowing it wasn’t Agave.  I was wrong, but my hands are very clean now with bleach.  I’m embarrassed.

Hurray!  The weather has finally stopped it’s nasty drizzling, even though Miss Haley is still staying only in the garage.  I know she wishes it were warmer.  We went on a walk today, which was fun.  Well, it wasn’t so fun for her as her back legs went out from under her coming off a curb.  Poor girl.  It just breaks your heart to see the aging legs unable to handle it at times, but she did get up.  I’m so used to those old legs as I see it with my old guy at times.  All I can do is encourage him that he’s going to have to get himself up.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when he can no longer go up and down the 3 steps to the yard.  🙁

Ick! Ick! Ick!   I’m referring to the constant cold drizzle we’ve had all day long.  This means Haley holed herself up on the bed in the garage.  I honestly would have joined her, if I didn’t have other jobs to do.  🙂  Once she woke up enough, she came into the yard for a few treats and some love.   Then she laid down to watch some of the world go by the fence, but there wasn’t much happening today.

Can it get any colder and more icky outside?  Even the kids didn’t want to stay out in this mess today.  It’s just been cold drizzle all day long.  On the upside of things, today has been an accident-free day for the pups.  Yea!  On the downside, I had to clean your microwave out after my coffee boiled over during a reheating.  I wasn’t watching it close enough and to make matters worse, I didn’t take the lid off and a hole discreetly burned into it.  I discovered it when I tried to take a drink.  Could I possibly have a “blonder” day today?  😉  I’m sure C&N enjoyed the comedy of it all.  Hoo-Boy!

Look Ma! I can stand on my hind legs!

Haley was checking out the neighborhood from her spot near the fence.  It was so nice tonight and lots of families were out enjoying the high 60’s weather, so it was a good spot to survey it all.  She did get up to greet me.  I think she remembers me from last time, even though she wasn’t as sure then.  She was quite okay with me this time.  I’m the “treat lady” and I didn’t disappoint this time either.  I gave her one treat and then asked if she wanted to for a walk.  “Yes!” was her answer.  🙂  She followed me in the house when we returned and then went back outside on her own.  I watched her and she parked it under and behind the tree in the corner.  She appeared content to me.

The pups are doing fine.  They’re excited to see me when I arrive and I think they’ve clued in as to WHEN I am arriving.  Their little heads are always poking through the curtains when I pull up in the morning.  We have rain in the forecast for the next few days, so this may affect our walks.  I hope not as they do love them.  Accident reports….I really don’t remember now, but I don’t think there was one this morning.  There was a #2 in the dining area this evening though.  🙁  I’m thinking it was Neena.

What is that smell?

Brrrr…the day got cold on us.  It did warm up to the 60’s eventually, but not enough warmth for me.  🙂  The furkids were fine.  I didn’t take them on a walk today as I want warm weather!!!  Yeah, I just need to get over it.  Had an accident this morning and evening, in the exact same spot.  I guess I didn’t all the smell out this morning, so I took my time tonight trying to ensure it was gone.  Hopefully it will work and they will “hold it for me” until the morning.

Look who's waiting on me!

Everything was status quo today.  The rain left, so we got to go on a walk this morning.  Happy to report that Neena is back to her usual excited self for this.  🙂  They’ve done really well in the house, but we did have one little accident to clean this evening.  I’m pretty sure it was Neena with this one.

Speaking of Neena, I actually got a decent shot of the shy girl.