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Darn! I didn’t get a picture tonight. Completely forgot about it as both pups were a bit demanding of attention. 🙂 This is good as I was wondering why Hupi diverted back to her shyness. She’s lost that and is back to her usual self with me. Yea! All the pets were great tonight as usual. We played a little before our walk and after the walk too! I gave Kitu some good pets and I love how he waits in the window for us to return from our walks.

Glad to see Tipli all healed up! The pups acted their usual selves this evening with barking alot. Pretty standard for them until I grab the leashes. The walk was great!!! It’s so nice to not be freezing and yes, I’m a bit of a sissy with cold weather. 🙂 After the walk was interesting. I got them in the house and then proceeded to remove leashes/collars. I get Tipli’s off and then turn to remove Hupi’s, but she wasn’t there. I go to look for her where I see the leather leash piled on the floor by your bed. She took off and went under the bed! What the heck? What is with her sudden bashfulness? Silly girl! I got her to come and join us again, but she kept her distance. Rather odd for her. I’m used to it as my own girl has her odd quirks. 😀

Tipli acted just the same as usual the entire time!

This morning was just like the rest…a bumpy, snow-packed ride over to your home to visit Titan. By this evening, with temps around 38 for most of the day, everything had drastically changed. There’s still some snow/sludge, but many clear lanes now. Even getting up to your house changed too. I was knee-high in snow and tonight it was only ankle high!!! Don’t you just love OK weather?

Titan was quite the playful guy on both visits and did both business on BOTH visits. Yea!!!

Sorry your weekend plans got derailed, but as you know, my whole week plans (i.e. visits) got derailed. Stupid weather! Titan is still being such a good sport about it all and that’s what really counts in the end, right?

Now for the weather: even after today’s snowstorm (it’s still snowing lightly, by the way), the streets are actually a bit better now. With the new snow not being so compacted, we could actually get better traction. The ice underneath that had been churned up into solid chunks and glued to the pavement does make for quite a bumpy ride though. Thank goodness we got those new shocks last year. People are still getting stuck everywhere, but still most are just staying at home. Not too much traffic out there, which makes it easier for us. 🙂

Titan, as I said, is just sooo happy to see me. He’s a hoot! I tell my husband he’s just a younger version of our old guy, Bailey…very food-driven. There’s nothing more important in this world than food!!! T-man loves the “chase me” games, doesn’t he? We’ve had quite a bit of fun with this. When he tires of it, he’ll go stand by the treat box. This tells me he’s ready for me to load up the Kong (only 3 treats) for him to dig out the yummies. 😉

Yep!  We got another 3 1/2″ of snow today and it’s still coming down, but we’re not supposed to get more accumulation.  That’s what they said before this latest round hit, but quickly revised their prediction once the storm hit.  Here’s a few more pic’s over the last few days of what’s happening on the roads.

Abandoned semi on 169

Abandoned bread truck. See the roads are looking better here.

City crews at work

And then everything deginerates with the next onslaught of snow

This semi blocked Yale northbound after getting stuck.

Ugh! We just cleaned our driveway yesterday!!!

Mass exodus from DT Tulsa after employers release their workers early

MTTA has been having a very difficult time. The car on the left is going around the stranded bus as did we.

Snowstorm number two at 41st and Peoria

I meanly told the weather gods today that this is “no longer funny!”  Another snow storm has come and thus far dropped another 3 1/2″ of snow on us.  We haven’t even dug out of the last one!!!  Sheesh!  The weathermen/women swear upon their souls this will improve tomorrow.  We’re supposed to reach a high of 34 tomorrow.  Woo-hoo!  Then another storm is coming for Sunday.  Ugh!  Be very careful when driving home.

Anyway, I didn’t get a pic of Ozzy or Elvis today.  Ozzy’s doing great still.  I refilled your “humidity” cups today and made sure the master sink was filled up too.  Ozzy’s been hit and miss with using the toilet for #2, which I’m sure you’re aware, but he did make the toilet today.  😀  He is anxiously awaiting your arrival though.

Ozzy is doing great and Elvis…well, he’s a fish and he isn’t talking.  🙂  He is curious about my big ol’ boots I keep dragging off my feet in the laundry room.  I would love to take them off at the front door before entry, but the snow completely covered your porch.  It’s slowly disappearing, but not fast enough where I wouldn’t get wet socks.  It’s been an adventure to run to the alarm, tracking snow balls on my path, turning off the alarm, taking boots off, and then picking up the snow balls on the path while Ozzy is twisting himself madly between my legs!!!  Tired yet?  So am I!  😀

Now to discuss the front of your property.  I have decided the visits can only be during daylight hours.  As I’m sure you know, you do have drainage problems in the street directly in front of your home.  The snow melting and re-freezing (it was -6 this morning–actual temp) in this area is causing major issues with your neighbors attempting to leave their homes in vehicles.  They are getting trapped in this and we could only get a block from your home (due to stuck cars blocking our path) and I walked from there.  Not a big deal to walk as I have great boots, but the 8″ ice was a bit treacherous.  My hubby was so sweet and decided to help your neighbors get unstuck while I visited Ozzy and Elvis.  Anyway, even with a flashlight, I don’t think I want to try to walk over this ice in the dark.  The temperatures will rise over the weekend, so this ice shouldn’t be a problem for when you return home.

That's a pretty good drift of snow!

Titan’s been such a good sport the past few days, even though we’ve both been sad about not taking any walks.  I did get the snow back a little at the back door, so he would quit kicking it inside.  I didn’t realize the snow would stick to his fur like little ice balls though, slinging them throughout the house as he rushed past me to get out of the cold.  😀  Then he likes to play “stay away” when I’m only trying to dry him off.  He’s so silly.

I haven’t checked your mail, but I doubt you have any.  I’ll make the trek tomorrow to double check, but I seriously doubt they’ve been able to deliver.  I haven’t received any mail for 3 days and I even shoveled like the government asked us to.  I put your sinks on a constant run, instead of a drip.  It was -6 this morning when I left for my rounds, so I thought it might be better.  Actually I was listening to a plumber on KRMG and he said to do this, but I didn’t open the cupboards below (also recommended by him) as I wasn’t sure if Titan would get into anything under there.  Balancing the scales here–possible pipes breaking or possible pup breaking?  I’m not sure which would be less expensive, but I’m pretty certain we run less risk of the pipes breaking if they’re running.  🙂

Let’s see if I have a good pic of Titan.

Okay, I think all you out-of-towners know we had some great struggle’s with yesterday’s visits.  We made sure to get to the canine homes in the morning (Feb. 1), since they are much more dependent on us than felines.  It wasn’t pretty, which was why we made the decision to forgo the feline homes.  By noon, after watching the news, we knew our possibility of getting to your homes just “wasn’t going to happen.”  The news was reporting stranded travelers could forget getting assistance, the entire city had shut down, law enforcement couldn’t get anywhere, and the state had declared a “state of emergency”.  They also reported that unless you had a 4 wheel drive with at least a 2′ – 3′ clearance, don’t go out.  We have no lift on our Jeep, but I think my husband has now proven his case for wanting one.  🙂

This morning (Feb. 2), we did get out and made it to our locations.  The Tulsa streets are still terrible with 14″ of snow reported, but BA was much better.  I can’t recall what the total amount was there, but they received much less.  A special thank you to everyone for your patience and working with me during this storm.  I know I’ve said we can get anywhere, but I guess I’ll need to amend this statement.  How about “we can get everywhere, except when we have blizzards with record snowfall.”  😉

Sharing a few pictures of what we experienced on the roads, plus some of your pets and homes.

Feb 1 morning drive a few hours into the blizzard

Let me in!!!

Husband shoveling a path on our driveway to get the Jeep out. Still lots of blowing snow with 40mph winds, but snowfall is done.

The day after--morning drive. Note: You only see 4x4's out there...very little traffic.

T-man thinks this is much better. Yup! The snow is reaching the bottom of his belly.

Abandoned car going the wrong way on Memorial. Had to avoid these all over the place, sometimes hopping medians if they blocked our lane.

Is a description really necessary?

Ummm...yes. It's up to my knee.

Abandoned in the middle of 71st

Street crews have done a good job getting at least one lane cleared on Memorial

Had to watch for abandoned semi's too. This one was jack-knifed on 41st. At least he's not blocking the road so bad now.

Guy trying to rescue his car he abandoned yesterday. Check out the snow drift on the building...probably 6 - 7 feet!

My neighborhood road. It's horrible as are others.