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Titan’s becoming much more happier as the weather changes.  I wish his mood would change mine.  😉  We went for a walk on each visit today and that wind is picking up tonight!  Oh my, was it ever!  I hadn’t planned on walking him tonight, but he did #2 this morning.  I figured he might need to go again, but he didn’t.  Last chance Bud!  I don’t think we’ll be able to do much walking for the rest of our time together.  The temperatures are not expected to rise enough for any significant melting and we all know city crews may/may not hit the residential streets.

I mentioned to you via phone about setting your faucets on drip today.  I checked them tonight to ensure they were still dripping.  Yes, they are.  Now we’re just hoping for no loss of power.  The 4 wheel drive Jeep is ready to go!  Hubby gassed it up and put some wiper fluid in it.  I will get the jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, water….blah, blah, ready for our trek tomorrow.  So much to think about when the weather is threatening a second blizzard in just two years.  🙁

I didn’t get a picture of Titan today.  So sorry.  My brain was trying to keep up with everything that needed to happen and handle the flood of cancellations I received.

There was no electrical sparks today on poor Ozzy.  Why is it on some days we build up less static electricity than on other days, especially when a storm is building with the weather?  Hmmmm….

Anyway, the visits went normal.  Ozzy was very chatty and underfoot.  For some reason tonight, he kept wanting to attack the string when it got close to my leg.  Ummm….I definitely don’t need kitty teeth in my calf, even if it’s just in play.  I finally got him to move after it AWAY from my leg!  😀

I turned the requested faucets on enough to make a slow drip.  According to the weather reports, they will most likely remain in “drip” status until your arrival home.  Yep!  It’s going to be frigid for several days.  Brrrr!

What a fun day!  Ummm…not so much really, but it had nothing to do with Titan.  He’s always fun.  It had to do with the frikkin’ cold weather that is now here.   The wind was ferocious today; straight out of the north too!  Needless to say, I only took Titan on a walk twice today; this morning and during the afternoon visit.  By the time evening came, I was done with my nose running and eyes crying.  Yep!  If he was going to do anything, the backyard was it!  He was sort of okay with my decision, but now I need to clean it up before the bad weather hits.  Speaking of bad weather, it is definitely coming.  Any walks will be at my discretion and most likely not go past the front yard.  I kind of like to stay upright while walking, if at all possible.  Shhhh….don’t tell Titan though.  I’ve spoiled him so much, he now thinks he deserves to go for a walk EVERY time.  😉

Love that smile!!!

How funny I switched their names in the post title.  Dunno’ why!

Ozzy is being the quite the player now.  He’s quickly meeting me at the door and I have to avoid stepping on him to get to the alarm.  That’s a feat in and of itself!!!  I felt so bad for him tonight though.  We were playing on the sofa when he decides he wants to sniff my pants.  Talk about a jolt of electricity on his poor little nose.  Yeeouch!  🙁 He ran off after this, but didn’t go too far.  He had to stick around to help with my notes.  😉

No problems with your new alarm and thank you for setting it all up for me.  🙂  When I first arrived this morning, of course I was a little nervous about getting it deactivated.  And of course, Titan was right there…growling.  Growling?  Really?  I deactivated the alarm successfully and looked at Titan, “are you growling at me?!?!?!”  He looked at me, then looked at his box of treats, then a little wag from his tail.  Oh now, I couldn’t resist this.  Yes, he got a treat.  Silly boy.

All the visits went well.  Lots of people out this afternoon as it was soooooooo nice.  He enjoyed watching the kids play ball in the park and I do think he expected to go play with them.  Did I mention the afternoon was nice?  When we got back, he wanted to go in the yard again.  He went out and laid down.  “Ummm….Titan, this isn’t the time to take a siesta in the warm grass.  I have places to go.”   He’s such a fun boy.

Oh my!  Ozzy was so loving today, until I realized he just wanted food.  🙂  Only kidding.  He follows me everywhere!  And I mean everywhere!  He met me at the door both times today talking to me the whole time.  He even tried to help me write my notes tonight.  He’s always done this though, so sorry if they’re not very legible.  He was wanting belly rubs, so he laid on the sheet as was trying to write and kept batting at my pen.

Kinda' fuzzy, isn't he?

Ozzy has become quite an underfoot kitty, hasn’t he?  🙂   I need to be more alert when I first arrive.  I always see him on the top of the stairs landing and by the time I move toward his food area, I’m almost stepping on him.  Anyway, things are fine.  He was somewhat playful this morning, but not so much this evening.  He only laid on his blanket, after he was done with my attention and his food, watching the shimmering lights in the front door window.

Fun pic I got this morning of both!


The boys were soooooo good today.  😀  The weather was gorgeous.  I got some good rest night.  No one could ask for anything better.

The boys are soooo excited to see you tomorrow.  They don’t realize it yes, but I’m certain you will get a grand homecoming!  Hopefully you won’t be delayed this time.  I mean it’s not as if you’re going through Cairo, right?  😉  If you are, just give me a shout…probably text message would be best.  It’s Saturday morning, so that means casino morning for me and I’ll be right down the road from your place.

Safe travels!

Hunter Beagle!!!

I had to look for Ozzy a little when I first arrived, but then he poked his head around the corner from upstairs.  Obviously, I didn’t have to look for Elvis.  🙂  Ozzy wasn’t too playful on the first visit, but did play some during the second visit.  He was more curious about all my smells, including my reading glasses.  Yup, I got wet kitty nose smudges on ’em.  I’m going to have to be careful petting him right now.  For some reason, I keep building up a static charge and shock him every time I touch him.  He was starting to flinch each time I reached for him, so I began wrapping my sleeve around my hand to pet him.  Yeah, I’d flinch too if I got an electric jolt every time I was touched.  😀

Pretty Ozzy

I’m sure you don’t want to hear that the temperature was over 60 today. 🙂 It was just beautiful and we’re supposed to hit 69 tomorrow or Saturday. The boys loved the warmer weather too, or at least I like to think so. Maybe it’s just me REALLY enjoying it. I do have to say, Rudy has completely warmed up to me now. He’s always trying to stay near me by following me through the house or in the yard. It took a long time for him, but some dogs are like that. Pete had a meltdown on Cosmo last night…or was that the night before? Oh my! The days are blurring together. Anyway, it was fine. He stopped immediately when I asked. I wrote about it in the book.

On to the picture, so I can get a little rest before tucking your babies into bed.  Hmmm….wonder if I could talk my hubby into driving me over there?  Nah…he’s had a long day too.

Warmer weather means awesome grass rolls!