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Again, apologies for not posting yesterday.  As stated in another post, I was pulled in many directions.  By the time I got home, I was completely exhausted.  Everything is going great and Kiki is such a brat….a very sweet one at that.  😉  I tried diligently to get a good picture of him, but to no avail.  This is the best I got of him.  He kept moving too fast for the camera!  😀

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  It turned out to be quite the busy day with personal and work pulling me in more directions than exist!  Everything is going great and Elvis met me at the fence today!  Woo-hoo!  I finally psyched him out to get a more decent picture of him.

The first visit went okay.  Kiki was quite unsure of me…hmmmm….different clothes maybe, or did I smell differently for some reason.  Who knows!  I worked on getting him warmed up to me, which was a slow process.  He wanted to like me, but just wasn’t sure if he should.  I finally convinced him to follow me to the door…at a distance…and once I was outside, he would peer around the door to see where I went.  Then I heard it.  He decided to let go just inside the door.  Sigh!  I finally convinced him to come all the way outside and we wandered a bit, where he did some more business.  We went back inside and I was his best friend.

This evening’s visit was as if we were old high school chum’s meeting up again after many years.  He was excited to go outside and all the anxiety he had earlier had vanished.  We’re fine now.  😀  Maxx joined us in the living room for a bit, but then went back to lounge on the hamper.   Hence this nice picture of him.  I couldn’t resist a posing kitty.

The visits were great today.  It was drizzly, so we didn’t go for a walk.  I really long for those walks, as do they, but we’ll just have to wait a while longer.  Neena had kicked her sweater completely off this morning and partially off this evening.  How does she do this?  I wore out Cassius with lots of toy chases in the house this morning.  We had a good time, but I think Neena got a bit bored.

I brought in their Christmas present today.  It’s still “unopened”, but they’re curious.  Merry Christmas!

Randy didn’t take any photos today.  It’s hit and miss with him and I have to take the blame…I didn’t ask for photos.  It must be a daily request or I can forget it.  🙂  He did say that Cricket is still in her usual place and Sparky is still joining him on the outing for horse feeding.  Randy was concerned the geese hadn’t been around to eat their corn.  I just looked at him and said, “really!  You’re worried about wild geese?”  😀  I may not be much of a farm person, but I do know to not worry about the wildlife.  They are getting free feed there and they will return.

Funny story…Randy calls me today while visiting.  He’s a little freaked out because the fireplace was burning.  He forgot that you mentioned its on a timer and will be burning at times.  Always good to keep him on his toes.

Such a drizzly day, but we never got the rain that was forecast.  Elvis didn’t care.  All he cared about was getting the food into the bucket.  He was obviously within better earshot today as he came to see me fairly quickly.

I did say the pic’s may not change much.

Oh boy!  She’s back!  Well that’s what I like to think anyway.  It makes me feel good and it is all about me, right?  🙂  They were fine, as usual.  No accidents inside and BOTH did BOTH business outside this evening.  Cassius got a little excited with trying to play with my gloves…while they were still on my hands!!!  Ehhhh, no!  He gets a little too rambunctious with this type of play, so let’s not even go there.  🙂

Loving his new toy.

The horses surprised Randy.  He swore they never left the barn, but they were in the pasture today.  Sparky went with Randy for the barn rounds, but Cricket is still hanging out in the bedroom.  She’ll come around.

Today was much more low-key, since I had everything I needed.  🙂   I had to call Elvis several times, but he didn’t make a presence.  I dumped the food in his bowl and I guess he didn’t hear it.  I whistled and called, then started banging on the fence.  Oh!  Here he comes.  I was getting nervous for a second there, wondering if I could scale the fence without ripping my pants.  😉  Thank goodness it didn’t come to this.

I got him to pose for a brief second today….sort of.  I think he was coming up for a breath.  Hehe.

Randy did the visit today.  He stated upon arrival Cricket was in the main bedroom and Sparky was nowhere to be found.  So, he decided to take care of the horses first.  Surprise!  Sparky’s out wandering the fields.  When Randy was finished with the horses and geese, he calls to Sparky, who follows him back inside.  He was able to give Spark his medication…on the floor, but not from his hand as Randy first tried (also S wouldn’t let him pet him).  No clue why Randy tried it from his hand or on the floor, but Sparky did take the pill.  Cricket never made an appearance from the bedroom, but that’s okay.  All dogs eat once they get hungry enough.  🙂